Paying 10k a Piece for Rare Gleambow Gleam (List Edited)

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LuckyLotus is wanting to buy:
Red Gleam
Deep Red Gleam
Strong Red Gleam
Cherry Gleam
Vivid Mustard Gleam
Shadow Fuchsia Gleam
Shadow Cerulean Gleam
Strong Orange Gleam
Luminous Yellow Gleam
Bright Mustard Gleam
Bright Tan Gleam
Vivid Orange Gleam
Orange Gleam

Prices Negotiable

What price are you buying at?

What price are you wanting to sell per Gleam? Also what color is the Gleam, and how much of it are you willing to sell?

I definitely have a couple of the ones on the list, but only a few pieces of each

It would depend how much you want to pay as to whether I would sell them or not :laughing:

10k a piece. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Oh my, I’ll certainly have a look for that price haha!
I’m positive I have 3 or 4 shadow cerulean. Will check to see what else when I get on

Glad you like the price :sunglasses:


I have a few of those :+1:

That’s good. The more the merrier!

I’d set up some request baskets at that price, pretty sure you’ll be flooded with them lol!

Where at? Sydney?

Red x 7
Deep Red x 12
Strong Red x 12
Cherry x 7
Vivid Mustard x 4
Strong Orange x 15

10k each? :smiley:

Yes. We will pay 10k each for all that. :joy::+1:

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That 570k :slight_smile: Where you at?

Edit: Wait, 10k per gleam?

Yeah. 10k per each piece of Gleam. Stack of 7 = 70,000

We reside on Kasai & Kori on Alder.

Awesome, How much you willing to buy? I have 57

You can also reach us through the Nani! Tool & Forge 2x2 portal in Portal Seekers, Biitula.

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I’m there now, you around?

All of it but we will buy the strong orange later on. Gotta get our money back up. Lol

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