Paying 10k+ Coin for Decorative Themed Builds - Spooky Town

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Hello Everyone!
I am offering 10k+ Coin per build in Spooky Town. I am looking for creative builds to help build up our Halloween Themed Town. Please message me here or on Discord (preferrably discord) @ Ace#4902 (case-sensitive). We can discuss your build, and discuss an offer in regards to what I will pay. Payment will be only after builds are completed and I won’t take on more builds than can be afforded. I will give extra for quick (yet QUALITY) builds. Need to be considerate of plot sizes as we want everyone to have a decent amount of space to build.

Spooky Town - Halloween Theme Village - EVERYONE WELCOME:

Speak with us! We got a team a builders that may be willing to take on this contract. PM @AmandaPan or check out our discord.