[PC] Player-Edited Sanctum: Marble Sanctum :) Try it out!

Heads up this is just for pc but you can still appreciate the crappy screenshots :smiley: Instructions are below



  • Option 1: IN-GAME: Sanctum > F1 > Sanctum Editor > Load > paste file here
  • Option 2: (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Boundless\assets\sanctum > Paste file here

Sanctum Editor> Load > Marble Sanctum.dat > Return to game with this Sanctum

Let me know what you think.

EDIT: The white side is the 'return’warp while the black side is the home warp.


thats what ya been doing i wondered :slight_smile:looking great is there a way i can use you r sanctum?

just download the file via the amazon link below the screenshots and paste it into the folder where all the other sanctums are located (same folder as the valentine and gleambow ones)

EDIT: this is the path it gave me: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Boundless\assets\sanctum
Then just go to your sanctum in game> hit f1> sanctum editor > load > marble sanctum.dat

followed by ‘return to game with this sanctum’ in the sanctum editor pop up

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im so stupid our tired did not read your OP completely my bad :grin:

thats ok… you proded me into providing more details and hopefully that can help someone else too :slight_smile:

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Is editing the game files the only way to change the sanctum? Thought PC Users could edit it block by block in game?

how did you edit the sanctum? i’d like to give it a try editing my own sanctum.

You can edit it block by block in game via debug menu but you can also share the sanctum you edited via files.

Open the game on pc.

Once in sanctum press f1, this brings up the debug menu.
Then use mouse to select edit sanctum and if I remember there should be instructions there press f1 to leave debug menu to regain control of in game character.

Do we know when PS4 players will get this feature?