📰 Peace on Raxxa! Epic merger, settlers needed!

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The epic merger of Liszy’s Siedlung and Infinity City marks peace and unity on the planet Raxxa!

This epic merger will be underlined by the Re-naming of the Capitol City of Raxxa to Infinity World! And now catapults Infinity World into the #6 largest city in the universe!

Head East from Infinity City, or West from Liszy’s Siedlung to find some prime unplotted land, with “Infinite” possibilities! Just follow the road and plot anywhere, so much space!!
Get some prime real-estate and help us on our quest to be the Greatest Great City in the universe!!

As you can see, there is plenty of oceanfront and lush forest areas to build in!

Special thanks to (name removed) for his diplomatic hospitality (and awesome shop prices at Liszy’s), and Oakenshield for helping make this happen! :fist_right::fist_left::+1::+1:


I went around and bought up a bunch of Raxxa atlas’s, 100%!

New settlers, feel free to buy one for 1c at the InfiniPlexx! (in the middle of Infinity City)

And as always, we have INFINITE road-stone for our members, If they want to build a road to their settlement/house. Just ask!


City is looking awesome, I buy most of my stuff there. Nice work everyone.


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There was war?


They were hot on our heels for Capitol, so one of our guys joined the settlements and helped broker a merge. Makes that journey to Great City half as painful :wink:


Well, war rages on.

Turns out, the only reason they were ok with the merge was to try and take ownership. As soon as they realized that i was staying 1 million ahead of them in prestige… they wanted the merge broken.

plot twist! =P


Hey I can give you like 60plus maps of raxxas to help out with the maps. If I ever see you online xD