Peaty soil spark typo?

I have two spark generators connected next to each other. Had about 100 peaty soil laying around that I split into two stacks of 50. When I put the first stack of 50 in on the left slot in the spark generator, it read 2.9 spark/s. Then, I put the second stack of 50 in on the right slot and it reads 5.7 spark/s.

+ 2.9
= 5.8 spark/s

Not that the .1 difference is all that big, but could just be a typo error.

Probably related to something like this:

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Probably just rounding,

20 spark in 7 seconds
= 2.85714… spark/s
= 2.9 spark/s

40 spark in 7 seconds
= 5.71428… spark/s
= 5.7 spark/s


That makes much more sense! Thank you both!!! I appreciate it!

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