People move massive builds?

Some time I just like to run around and just check out cool builds. I usually end up visiting the ones I truly enjoy on these journeys. It makes me see the ones that are still there, just as it makes me sad to see others turn to ash.

How about something a little different;
@Semos (Draugo) has decided to move his massive Ravenhurst build out of the city of Lacuna to a new location. It has been reconstructed, still on Storis II, but in a new spot, which is a little prettier, and less occupied. To find his amazing build, @Semos (Draugo) is still working on, you can get there from TNT network, to Storis II Welcome Center. Look for the portal with his toons name close by, labeled Draugo.
I really recommend checking this out as it progresses. it is something else!



Ravenhurst Station


thanks for sharing, this is really one awesome complex :smiley: nice done railroad track :slight_smile:
this church interior :smiley: im going there later to take a detailed look :smiley:


That is truly stunning! I must get out and have a look at more builds. Dang, I am missing out on some great work and artistry. Thank you for sharing this.


Came across this place today when I went out exploring. That mirror floor in the church is just wow :ok_hand:


Thank you for the nice right up on my build. It’s cool to see some actual traffic at my place now and that people are enjoying it. More inspiration to get it finished. :slight_smile:


Your contest build was really impressive. I was wondering if you could tell me how I could find any of your builds. I’d like to check them out.


Ah thank you. :grin: I’m on Grovidias Te, access from DragonLair hub.

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New Location Houchus :laughing: :cookie:

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