People of Eisa!

Is there anibody in Eisa Server interested in doing something together?

I would like to meet you guys and see if we can build something all together, or start some kind of “neighbourhood” relation :slight_smile:

And if we are good enough we can start something HUGE like a “Eisa project” :smiley:

I build on Eisa sometimes^^ I’d help if we do something together, but I don’t have much time at the moment.

Hey i would be up for something like that. What do you have in mind?

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I have in mind a couple of things:

as you can see in the posted pic, i’ve setted my home/beacon on the shore of a large river and it would be nice to have something like a city built along this river, with bridges that goes from side to side, floating islands in the air (like the world in the film “Avatar”).

so i have in mind something that is between a common landscape architecture enrichment and personal choices (obviously in your beacon you can do whatever you like :smiley: ) and the final target i would like to hit is: a place with a different landscape from the rest of Eisa world (let’s call it “regional/local” peculiarity) with the feeling of a magical place where a community found it’s place :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I hope that is clear the idea, in case i will do in the next days some some samples

You want to give coordinates? i can come look now

Sure! I’ll give you the coordinates of my Beacon

180.61, 86.90, 700.84

yeah i could see potential here.

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Yea it does look nice there. Although some builds right now seem a little bit odd. Like the floating houses.

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Those are not done by me and are there since the first time i found that place, there’s no beacon related to them so I don’t know if it’s a random generated or not, but don’t take them in consideration :stuck_out_tongue:

reguarding my own building is a mixture of things I’m going to evolve and things done just to try and experiment (landscaping, chisel, gleam sculpture, general scaling dimension and so on)

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yea, I experiment a lot too^^ you have to with all the new things they introduce^^

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things are going on :slight_smile:

edit: sorry for the low resolution :stuck_out_tongue:


Brand new to the game but very interested… how can I help?
I guess I need a way to find you all

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The coordinates are in a post above. press “.” twice to get the debug mode up. There you can find your own position.
And when you find us. Grab your creativity and build something^^

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Pretty cool bridge there :smile: