Permanent gleam club membership


I know that you like making money in this game. I would also like to show my support, but a monthly gleam club isn’t good for me. I would like to pay for a permanent membership so that I dont have to worry about beacon fuel ever again. I would also like this to include all the gleam membership buffs that go along with the club. I would expect to pay $200 for a membership of this sort. To go along with this post i made and easy to read what I expect.

  1. gleam club membership (permanent)
  2. extra coins each day/week from login rewards doubled
  3. $200 (ish) price point
  4. all cosmetic unlocks (base game, not seasonal)
  5. 10% XP gain for account
  6. a title that says “Refined Club Member”

Now let me explain how this will make you more money and players more happy. I like all the options above you like $ and the chance to develop the game more and make this the best game ever. gleam club membership is:

30 days: $5 USD
90 days: $13 USD
180 days: $25 USD

with an option of $200 this is more than 4 years of gleam club member ship. the already ecstatic player base would jump at this opportunity to give this "wonder"ful company a boost to make the best game ever.

so what do you think Wonderstruck?



Agree & Disagree.
It’s really hard to choose if i love this idea or not.
I do agree it will bring us more convenience especially for hard core players who wants to take a break from the game and no need to worry about their property disappear.

However this kind of setup will cause some other issues as well.
For example someone can just buy a permanent gleams club and plot one or 2 side of your house to prevent you to expand in future. or use this method to block the city expansion. In current patch, we still requires to wait for 1 -3 months, but at least you know one day those beacon will gone. But if this become permanent, then ops better you move out to other place.

Also when new players saw that much money in the cash shop, it will give them negative impression as well.

So, its very hard to tell this is a good idea or not.


Tho it’s pretty easy to just buy the $25 8 times and have 1440 days as well. If the person wanted to drop that much. I just do the $25 once and when it will get to a couple weeks I’ll just do that again.


I’m entirely indifferent to the idea but I want to post something here just to get notifications when all the people who will yell “pay to win” frothing at the mouth descend upon this topic. Always fun to watch the drama that inevitably ensues. :popcorn:


I disagree with subscription services as well, but here it is kind of necessary…
The time for making lump sum payments for nice rewards is over, that was the backer tiers.

Sure its a lot of money but some people can drop that and not blink an eye… if those people start claiming plots and then leave, there is no getting back that land. Thats why gleam club exists. So people with “permanent/persistent” fuel dont have to worry as long as they are paying for the service even if they are not playing. As soon as they stop paying their plots get reclaimed and the active players get more space to play with.

Gleam club (as it exists) is necessary for the game’s longevity but you don’t have to use it if you don’t like subscriptions… Deluxe edition is now the only way to get perks by making a single payment.


For me to drop that much money is something that I wouldn’t do. I know that long run it would save me money but I can’t guarantee that I will still be playing the game a year, two or even three years from now. I may get frustrated at last of totally completely new content, not just adding some things to the game. I want more than poles and beams, new decorative blocks; I want the ruins to explore, Dungeons and mazes to travel and find hidden loot; a wider variety of animals that can be used to make different items, food s. More planets from level 1 to 7 with no large bodies of water, more land and not so much pink! Can’t stand pink.
Anyhow, there will be some who will like it, but for me, nope, I’ll stay with buying three months at a time.


I think the opportunity to do that has long passed. :woman_shrugging:

I don’t understand what you mean with #4. You can get that easy peasy.

You can buy as much Gleam Club as you want to. Some people have already purchased 2+ years of GC.


Permanatly abandoned plots. Come on.


They mean having all cosmetics, existing and future, except seasonal ones, unlocked to all characters in the account without paying cubits for 'em. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I don’t see the need since cubits are easily and infinitely farmable but apparently people don’t like playing the game in order to get game related things :man_shrugging:


so what about the people who pay for 180 days and then pay for $400 in cubits to get plots and then take over a world? guess you would have to “move out” any way. they can just make more worlds if the current world gets crowded…

TLDR: make more worlds, when more people come to the game.


as it stand people already have a lot of land and are nice about sharing places to farm things. with how people are already this will make things better


To keep this game and the planets here now usable, it needs to be monthly.

I like the lifetime sub system in most games i plan on playing a long time. But here, we need that land to become open at some point. Or youll be asking a lot of people to pick up and move. That would be more of a turn off for the majority then a good thing for the few that get it.

Also would create perma grief situation. Too many bad variables.


I’ve prob spent that much by now and I haven’t taken over the world. Not sure anyone can afford over 16 million plots. The game has a sort of fail-safe…and generates new planets on it’s own.


I’m sorry, but I think this is a terrible idea. I’ll address each point individually…

Permanent beacons should never be a thing, especially when there will always be a cost to Wonderstruck to maintain servers (hopefully) long into the future. Paying for 4 years of a potentially 10-15 year life-span is not a good deal for the game.

I wouldn’t expect to pay a minuscule lump sum to someone like Netflix and have access to their services indefinitely. Sure, it would be great for me, but terrible for the company. It’s just bad business.

See this thread as to why paying real money for in-game coins is a bad thing (even if it is just a small amount)… and why a lot of the community are against it … Pay Cubits for Coins or

As others have stated before me, the fixed priced point ended in early access - it shouldn’t be a thing moving forward. It’s ultimately not good for the longevity of game, beyond that initial $200 (ish) influx.

Forever?! Again, going back to the potential lifespan of the game, this could amount to a lot of cosmetics across an entire account (especially when cubits to purchase cosmetics are tied to characters, not accounts).

Why? If you’re already wanting all the cosmetics ever and permanent beacons, all this would be used for is to level faster (why not just play the game? or use teaching foods?) … which ultimately earns cubits faster for plots for your permanent beacons.

I’m assuming this is a forum title, as there are no titles in game.


Definite and resounding no from me.