Permanent Hidden Treasure spot

Cookviper’s savenger hunt event reminded me of something I really enjoyed when I was playing RIFT in its earlier days - hidden treasure spots. There will be a far out of reach hidden place where a treasure of immense value would be hidden in every area/zone in the game. Each player can on ever pick up that treasure only once, ever (per character). The next time they try to pick it up it would be something worthless, and the “chest” is on a timer for respawns. Sometimes, the treasure will be in a puzzle the player will have to solve, at other times its just walk right up to it to pick it up. I am wondering if this game could have something like this implemented. Of course, said spot should never be marked by any in game mechanics (like a beacon marker), and no one should be able to beacon that spot out.


Like a prefab that spawns around each world. That’s cool!


Yes! I would love for something like that to be added to the game so bad. I think that we should be able to find tools that have special names like a dev diamond hammer that last three times as long as a normal diamond hammer. Something that you could never make yourself but only find. If there were treasures in this game that you could go out and search for at any given moment and had a treasure actually worth spending time finding, I’m not sure I would get anything else done. I would constantly be treasure hunting. That would be so much fun.


Back in the days when I used to run Minecraft servers I would use an editor to create custom items like tools that could do special things or that lasted much much longer and then I would hide them in the world for players to find and everybody went crazy for it, it was such a treat to find a rare tool that had something special about it. How cool would it be if the devs added special rare named tools such as DZ Chans hammer of doom (@Dzchan94) or DBT’s Axe of justice. (@DanBeforeTime)


I would doom every spittter and cuttletrunk, just get the max jump and eliminate them. Get revenge, you know :smiling_imp: