Permanent One-Way Portal Option

I think having the option of creating permanent one-way portals could be useful. Probably easier on newer players too.

For example, if someone has a public mine, they usually have a portal set up to a hub. There’s no room/want to offer personal portals around that one, but if miners could take/create a one-way portal to connect to the main one that is already set up, everyone could just travel to the one main portal. When they want to leave, they can just go to the sanctum to travel home for free, or where ever else they’d prefer to go from there. (just using mines/miners as one example)

I think this would also be great for events, hunt gathering locations, tourist attractions, etc.

Two-way portals still serve great purpose & would remain as they are.

One-way portals would just be a new additional portal type/option. Maybe they have a different cost requirement/fuel?


What if these portals could feed a portion of their fuel to the main portal?

That way portals to farms could be comunity maintained.


Liking the concept
Want to ad this idea - allow any player to generate a portal token off a portal (both open & closed). This would make it a lot easier administering the target portal. Portal owner can always turn off beacon option allowing others to warp to beacon. Turning that off should break linkage of other players in bound portals.

Also add if player Uses a portal token as an action it would store the portal location to the players places/locations.


That must be fun to collect footfall from your destinations…

The main portal hub/area will get ff either way, if over 10k prestige. This wouldn’t change that. Some players block/lock the return portals so there is no 2 way traffic already. Obviously if you want 2 way traffic or are connecting a store you’d use the original 2 way portals.

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I think players under level 20 should get a free one way portal so they can be part of civilization.


I’m super lazy and rarely use networks to get to my beacons even though I could quite easily! I instead warp from my base. I don’t mind paying the couple of k coin still but if I could set up permanent one way warp conduits somewhere that would definitely be pretty awesome!

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It’d be super helpful to have a portal with just one conduit for free, dropped down to local network hub.
Nowadays I use warps to go to my farms instead of having a portal from the farm to the local hub :pensive:

I always wanted a 1-way portal to the hub network. That way I wouldn’t have to tie up a portal at the destination… although it doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

When Boundless launched the private portals were a lot more crowded and in high demand. This may become an issue again in the future when The Great Boundless (popularity) Explosion of 2023 happens.