Permanent T7 & a T8

There have been low tier Exos, even though we have low tier home worlds - so…

Would it be possible to also get a T7 (& possibly a T8) permanent world? Maybe with the caveat that you can’t plot on them since their resources are so sought after. This way, if there are issues with Exos, we’ll have access to at least one perm T7.

I don’t know if allowing T7+ as Sovereigns was ever a consideration. If so, cool. If not, alrighty.

Would it be possible to have a T7 cycle through colors/lucent gem types in the way that the experimental color-changing Exo cycles through colors?

Wondering if there are additional plans in the future for Exos (ie: maybe T8s are how we’ll find Titans/Hunters/etc)


This is exactly what I would luv too see…open up the game even more…it be so sweet


“…as cheap and easily accessible, where every material is free, so everybody is happy and we can hold hands and prancercise and be carrots together. Doing this kind of behavior has side effects, It has collateral damage.” - Rudy, Alpha Investments.


Double the Price of a t7 t8 sov planet so it’s less accessible to obtain for players XD