Permission to give permission beacons


To run a town like aqia this would get rid off alot off headaces letting people help build on beacons i dont own but that are considered public grounds


So, a permission you can give someone which allows them to add other people to your beacon?
Sounds good


Yes :slight_smile: thats it


I’m guessing they can’t remove the beacon owner from the beacon tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope owner has full control always


There should really be an option to add someone as a co-owner. He should be able to add/remove people from beacon.


ATM beacon permissions are only to friends of the beacon owner, and can only be given by the beacon owner.
What if 2 people who can’t meet to friend each other want to build off each other.
I like the idea of a request build permission on the beacon.
What permissions do you want? Why?accept/reject

Option to give permission to account rather than character, same person 3 permissions, and you might not know it is the same person, could cause issues if a person is a troll…


To me, this sounds a lot like a guild/clan beacon feature, where you don’t need to be friends with the player you want to give permissions to, they only need to be in the guild/clan (for which they could be added by any player assigned with that particular role).


Still waiting for those features.


That doesn’t change my opinion :wink:


I 100% agree with this idea. It’s such a hassle trying to coordinate permissions with beacon owners. Especially in the Hive, it’d be so helpful to be able to give players permissions to clear out beacons that don’t belong to me!


yeah i have streets that only me can work on and lots off helping hands that cant


has my vote :slight_smile: