Permissions devs any feed back would be great


So the thought of giving permissions to people to build projects on your settlement is a very risky one. I have an alternative idea that I hope the devs can put into the game.

Craftable wooden stakes
And restricted building rights given at the beacon.
Gives a person permissions to only build in mark building zone on property. Also the player would have to be holding a work permit from the land owner.

Place 4 of them down to mark your building zone allowing player with given permissions to build on your property but only within the marked off area.

Place the 4 stake down to mark the corners also place the forth stake to the elevation you want them to build up to or down to.

Could go one step further and allow a player to set up an hourly pay for as long as the worker is in the build zone.

Could be useful for paying people to strip mine
You claim an area, stake off the area you want to strip mine, and set a wage for the worker that you grant permissions too

But how can I walk away and make sure the person isn’t just afk and getting paid for it?

For paying someone to build something for you a Forman needs to check in on his/her workers, also the worker pay should stop if the prestige stops changing in the build zone for longer then 10 min.

chests should be placed in the game a way to hold a large amount of stuff in a storage chest would make this better.

Have a chest that holds the builders tools make it so they can’t drop them and so that they get pulled out of inventory once they leave the build zone. Some sort of augment to bind with the workers tools would work for this purpose.

Also just having chests that a worker can deposit all the rock and ore they collected would be great. Yes I know Minecraft has chests and boundless wants to be unique. But I have chests in real life people have chests they hold stuff lots of stuff I would like them in the game it makes sense.

How to stop people from claiming large areas to force people to work in them.

On your beacon thier would be an option to change it to a mining beacon this would set a 1 week timer on your mining zone/ build zone creating a 12 hour cool down after the one week is over. So No one can hold an area hostage for an indefinite amount of time on the same account. Or within the same guild. This is not fool proof but would work for a good portion of land grabbing situations. During the cool down the beacon will remove itself and the area will start to repair itself.

This is not perfect but I like the idea anybody feel free to through ideas at this.