Permissions Help (PS4) adding family members


We have 3 people playing Boundless in our house. All PSN friends with each other (me, dad, and sister)

  1. My dad can give me permissions but not my sister
  2. My sister can give my dad permissions but not me
  3. I can’t give either one permissions

Is there something we are not doing right?

Thanks for any help


You need to friend each others characters in game first
Then it should work just fine

If your all playing on the same account then the names should just show up, so assuming you each have your account the above applies needing to friend each other


I’m assuming you are playing different character slots? Whomever placed the Beacon should be able to give any of the other characters permission.


Hey thanks…we can’t friend each other in the game because we are on 1 console and can’t be on at the same time…is there another way I am missing.


playing on totally different PS4 profiles on a PS4 console


You have to be friends in PSN, when you create a character it ask you if you want to add your PSN friends.
You can do it even leater but I don’t remember exactly in which menu…


We are all friends and follow each other on PSN

Sorry should of added that in the original question


Can you have the same-console accounts send each other friend requests by manually typing the PSN ID? Alternatively maybe you can log into myPSN on a computer or phone and try to manage it that way

edit: just saw your clarification, nvm. Go to Character Select, then select the Character you are currently using… should be a dialog to Add PSN Friends



thx for the response


From the touchpad menu, go to “Character Select” and if you click on your current character there will be a button underneath that says “import friends from PSN” (or something like that). They should then be on your friends list in game. If they create more alts, you will have to redo this in order for the new character to show up.


thx for the reply. did that awhile back. (should of added that in the original question)

No worries everyone. Between the 3 of us we can work around it pretty easily It’s just strange.

might be something with how my Dad set up the PS accounts as me and sis being children? idk?

We love the game and it’s just a minor inconvenience…no biggie


That could be idk however if it becomes to much of a hassle let me know I have a few extra hundred plots I would gladly lay down and give you all permissions to :joy: (may have jumped the gun when game first released…)