Personal / Public Forging Lessons

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The School of FORGE is now Open! Offering Forging lessons to the public for 250c per lesson.

If you are interested in learning how to forge, I am here to help! Just come by and shout for “Quezal” or PM me here. This is an In-Game concept and will take place mostly in game. Discord channel available - channel posted on-site.

You can request a lesson for a specific tool or a general introduction class.

Coiled Forges available for all students - No need to bring your own!
Mats available on site for Forging 101 lessons. BYOM for Forging 201/301 classes. (as quantities are limited)

Average lesson length is 15 minutes and can cover making any tool with up to two Boons.
Three Boon classes available upon request for a negotiable price…

DIRECTIONS -After you portal, Exit the Building and Run WEST

Portal Seekers Hub Gravidias Te - portal “Lacuna” (Up, Behind the Boori portal)

Legendville HUB - Portal “Emporium Nocturne”

TNT MEGA Hub - Storis II portal

DSK Galaxy Hub - Portal “Emporium Nocturne”


how are things going? I’ve been sick a lot lately haven’t played much, just don’t feel up to it, thought I found the reason, but it is going to take a while for me to “heal” I think and so still feel a bit down.

I am hoping, crossing fingers and toes that your school is getting students, hang in there, I know a lot of players go I want to learn but don’t show up, cause life gets in the way. Hoping that players will find the time to attend your classes.

The School will be open indeffinatly, and will always accept students whenever available. It will take awhile to build some awareness and credibility to draw in students regularly.

Long story short, No students yet…

Well, glad that you are not quitting. When I feel better, and who knows when that will be, I try my best to make it to a class and make a big push to get others to join me. I’ve got a big mouth and will start some different threads about it. And tell a couple of brain dead people here on the forum to shut up when they gripe at me.

I’m grouchy enough right not to tell them off really good so have stayed away from posting much.

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Is still a thing?

How does it work

Sure is available! kinda idle… but available.

How does it work…let’s see…that Depends on what you want.

If your interested in knowing almost everything about forging we can set a series of classes to cover everything from Gums to forging Lucent tools.

If you just want to know how to forge a specific thing, We can have a personal lesson and cover just that.

I have forges for you to use. Just bring your own tools and ingredients is you have them.

Come to the School and check out the class room.

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I’m trying to max boons, I’ve seen screenshots of people going over 100 rounds on the forge but i have no idea how do they do that lol.

Is there a specific tool your trying to make with specific boons?

Damage + range + speed

Gem axes
Glow + magnet + dura

Heal + aoe + damage

And I would like to eventually make some gem hammers with dmg+aoe+speed

But I have not been able to to get all maxed, it’s always just one boon and I can’t keep going further.

Healing and Regen bombs have a SET area of effect. Despite being able to add a boon of aoe to it. So once you add healing T3, just stop. The type of bomb dictates the strength of heals. ie Titanium does much better than copper. Regen is the same. Get the regen perk, then stop.

We can work on the others tho.

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So any time that suits you best for a class? :yum:

im usually on around now, about every night.