[Petition] Please give us back the trashcan slot

Some of the old timers of this forum might remember the days pre update 112, before the inventory got updated. Back in those days there was a lovely little feature that I call “trashcan slot”. It was nothing more than a slot that automatically got rid of all the rubbish you put into it but for the small feature it was it added a lot of convenience to the game.
That´s why I start this petition, to get this small feature back into the game.

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Now i want my cookie

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Me to, done new fresh coffe…

For a “signed” petition, there is really no way to see who signed it…

I @Thorbjorn42gbf hereby sign this petition in agreement with what was stated above.

(Tada signed)

Ohhh, you!

To be fair, dragging into non-UI space isn’t much more difficult than dragging into a slot. But if you’re tossing your stuff in front of you and then running over it, it could be a bit annoying and the trashcan wouldn’t have that problem. I’m just saying, this is a very minor annoyance at worst and it’s totally possible to just chuck your stuff off a cliff to solve any inventory problems.

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Well I could have asked everyone that supports this to like my post, but I´m not a fan of this kind of “like fishing”.

Well it´s annoying enough for me to bother with making this thread :wink:

@sikerow & @Heureka
Cookie is free, shipping isn´t. :stuck_out_tongue:


How much is the shipping? :blush:

Well if you live in demnark the shipping isn’t the problem but the fact that the postal takes 24$ for checking how much taxes you need to pay for the item, passing the border.

No taxation for not-commercial shipping within the EU afaik.
Also why would anyone pay tax for this? It´s merely a private postal sending.

Ah you live in eu yeah kinda forgot that :smiley:

And ah well as long as it is one cookie it probably won’t be a problem but damn they are fast to put taxation on stuff that passes the border from non eu countries. Like damn.

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Am I lucky I also live in the EU, please send me one! :smile:

I can go out and bye a cookie, send you the bill…

This vote doesn’t feel very democratic :laughing:


Well, depends. You can democraticly vote for or against cookies^^

What if I want :cake:


What are you; a cookie hater?!

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I had to improvise since discourse doesn’t feature a petition function (major designflaw tbh :smile:)

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