Petition to keep "mo'pig" as founders pet after 1.0

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YES the early acces people (we) should be able to have them as pets… that would be sooooo cool!!! :smiley:

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Since the Mo’pig is the oldest living animal in this universe, it should stay in the name of the Oortians.
Maybe it was their pet already?

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Possibly older, nobody has seen any more than a sketch of what the oort might have looked like!

And they should make those pigs glow in the dark. I had one run me silly over Gortnen yesterday. I don’t go out at night now just so I don’t get ambushed. :confounded:

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He, uh, was just in a hurry!

One fine day out in the beautiful wilderness of Oort a young nubling named Takahni was digging in the dirt when she caught glimpse of movement in the tall grass.
“I wonder what that could be.” She thought. So up she got and wandered forth toward the rustling. It took a moment for Takani’s eyes to focus in the bright sun… a piggling!
“Well aren’t you a cute little pink piggly. Are you all by your lonesome too?”
“Oink” Said the Mo’pig.
“Maybe we can be friends… You can help me build my new house and I promise not make bacon out of… what… what are you doing? No, Stop… WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHYYYY!!!”
Takahni has died of Mo’pig

It is time we take back the Mo’Pigs. Please let them be our friends!


I must recall an amazing experience I made once, watching grown ass pigs:
Pig 1 lies in dirt enjoying the pure state of laziness because beautiful weather and being fed up. Suddenly pig 2 approaches, and touches pig 1’s butt with nose. And all of a sudden a trembling goes through pig 1’s entire bodymass. I don’t know why, maybe because of pig 2’s chill nose. Nevertheless, quite a funny way of tagging.


Lol, whaa?

Yes! It sounds weird, I know…
:smiley: But is a memory I wont forget.


We all want mo’ Pig!

no^^ but I’ve seen noone against it^^

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the pig is it even in the game i have never seen it

No, it was just a place holder and was replaced by the ram thingy.

aww it looke dreally cute in the pictures

yea we have the spitters now :stuck_out_tongue: i hate those guys cute as they are, they pack a real punch! LOL


Save the mo’pigs! (and leave the debug on the side :smiley:)


Mo’pigs are cool, save them! :+1:

Really surprised to see this petition still going! I think this is one of the most “liked” non-developer posts on this forum, surely that’s worth something? Still hoping to see Mo’pig return in some form in 1.0!


It took nearly two and a half years, but this thread just hit the 25 like threshold. We have not forgotten you Mo’pig, you will ram again one day!


lol you can thank me later about this.

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