Petition to keep "mo'pig" as founders pet after 1.0

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The mo’pig is our first hostile mob, and has arguably been as much a part of the games development as a number of us, appearing in one of the earliest promotional videos and now as a debug stand in in-game. However, as @James and @Ben have said recently, it is not planned to be kept on in game once the modeling for other creatures is completed. Our little bacon buddy will be no more! This can not happen! I am looking for community support to keep the mo’pig as a pet for early access founders to show our support for Wonderstruck and also the mo’pig! Like! Comment! Tell your friends! Save the mo’pig!!!

Since We are Raising the Dead Today

I would love for us to save this little guy somehow. The only thing is wanting to put it as a pet still may or may not work. We don’t know if there will be both vanity pets and combative pets. If they do not have plans to make just plain vanity pets, this guy has to function in-game.

Overall, I want to save him. I think he should definitely stick around. I would have herds of these as a farmer :smiley:


If we can’t have it as a pet, Then I would like to have it as a craftable mini statue exclusive to founders ^^


I would also be ok with a mo’pig hat or a mo’pig back pack. :wink:


honestly, I have no connection to this guy so it doesn’t matter for me if he stays or not^^


Keep it as a pet for early access backers only!!! Even if it stays place holder looking would be fine by me!!! Some thing unique



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Japp, this are all good ideas. I also would like to keep it as a small vanity pet. Remembers me of the Star-Piglet from Pillars of Eternity :smiley:


I´d much rather have those two as post 1.0 pets : :lester: :chester:


They’d be nice vanity pets for the early founders


Agreed It’d be cool to see Mo’Pig stick around for Founders as a sort of vanity item for bragging rights.


Nice idea and really gives some funny prestige without being unfair for non-backers ;D


My thoughts precisely! Also @nyuudles idea would be a fantastic way to impliment it. And did I see a call for mo’pig merchandise?! Sounds like a job for our talented community concept artists!


I would be happy with a race of NPCs that evolve from the mo’pigs.
That’d be some good lore :wink:

I also noticed nobody suggested using him as a mount or as a mascot for Oort?


There are loads of things they could do with it! I’d be in favor of a little mo’piglet with a simple follow ai that follows me everywhere :smile:


I would also like to voice support for the lil’ piggy companion. He did nothing wrong and neither did we. No need to punish us both by keeping us apart. You folks have the name Wonderstruck. Keep us all Struck by the Wonder(ment) of having this small gift of magic running around playfully with us. (We all promise to feed him and take him out for walks)


Did nothing wrong? This little piggy goes “ram ram ram” all the way into my sides and now my kidney’s are damaged >:(


I think we should call the mohawk pig for Frank… such a good name…


Elite, how would you react if someone was threatening your whole species with a few keystrokes? Easy solution: We teach them to be our friend, not enemy. They don’t know that its not us that do those keystrokes. Give them a chance to see that we can work together.


I never said it was impossible to work together with them, but they certainly did something wrong ;V