Pharaoh's Network

Is the network closed? All my portals have been closed, and the portal at Dragons Hub is closed, too.


Not sure I’m not in game. But let me say some reclaiming had been done at night.


it is closed as Turrican left the game last night and reclaimed everything.
this is sad news to hear, and i hope he made the right decision.
however when the time comes that he returns, ill be here to support when its needed.
i wish him all the best! :heart:


That is a shame. I really like the network layout.


Hate to hear this nice guy. Maybe he will return at some point. Wish him well in whatever he decides.


Just another victim of the lack of communication/transparency from Monumental. “We’re still transfering the game over” a year and almost a half later. No end in sight. No promise/hope.


Guess didn’t reclaim all. Still see a large Settlement on Finata…

Yep, I also reclaimed everything a few days before.

We all helped each other regenerating it back to the normal world as well. 10 people quit the game yesterday.

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As Host said Turri left the game.
He’s left the door open to maybe hopefully return but at the minute he’s playing & enjoying other games.

The guild is still around. I’m currently maintaining it with some help. I’m still out with a hand injury but I jump on to fuel portals and activate the buffs.

Sometimes a break is needed.


amen to that, and coming back with extra power and motivation!, im 100% sure its not the last we see from him,but we will have open arms when he returns.

any auctions for your reclaims?


He’ll still be around on discord. We can’t get rid of him that easily & I wouldn’t want to :grin:
Plus I’ll try jump on a game with him :blush:


A Break after maintaining a Network for so long is a must.

It’s Nice to see players Clean up on there plots everywhere for the newer player base instead of leaving a ton of dead beacons all over the planets


I completely agree. It’s hard work and you can get burnt out easily.

And I agree nothing worse that dead beacons and ash everywhere. Good etiquette to clean up but on the flip side sometimes it’s hard seeing large builds disappear. All that hard work disappearing.


I have been on Discord with Turrican for the last 5 days and we helped him to reclaim/regen his buildings.

He told us on Discord that he will not return to Boundless or this Boundless forum. He said that if he needed a break he would not have reclaimed his almost 50.000 plots.
He said he is proud of his Sphynx on Finata and that is the only thing he left as he made that together with his wife.

This has all been recorded and Turrican will publish that video soon. We agreed that we would publish our videos at the same time as I also made a video of all beacons being reclaimed.


Ya know… sometimes it’s better to just leave gracefully.


This thread can be closed, now, @majorvex . Thank you.

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