Pharao's Kingdom Gleamball colour voting

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Aß i already mentioned in the Pharao’s Kingdom Sovereign Planet Thread i will give all people the oportuninty to Farm your Gleam colour you want or Need and is possible to access .

Everybody has the Chance to Vote one time each month .
Starting now Till 31.12.2020 ,the winning Gleam will be Set on 01.01.2021 on Our Gleam Farm.

On 01.01.2021 will start then the next voting Till the Last of january this repeat then every month.

The intresting is ITS a T1 planet so the cost for materials is less and nö worry about creatures :wink::wink::wink:

Only Thing you need to do is writing your colour of choice below.

I hope all of you enjoy our Service and have fun with it.

Greetings Bunny27 & Turrican2006


Pink my friend


Orange!? If its an option.

Luminous blue…if its an option?

Luminous green if its available.Great service :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

You can go here: and click “gleam” to get a list of colors selectable for sovereigns. You can also click on the color name to get a list of sovereigns that have been seen with the color (though the data can be outdated, and you can’t always find the worlds).

Silk yellow!!

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Piiiiink! I know you want that

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All Possible Gleam colours at the moment

Night Azure Shadow Cerulean
Dark Cerulean
Dark Cobalt
Dark Berry
Dark Violet
Dark Lilac
Strong Magenta
Strong Cherry
Dark Red
Dark Orange
Dark Rose
Dark Fuchsia
Night Berry
Night Fuchsia
Night Orange
Shadow Red
Hot Cherry
Silk Cherry
Oxide Rose
Silk Orange
Silk Mustard
Hot Sepia
Hot Tan
Silk Yellow
Hot Moss
Strong Green
Dark Green
Dark Yellow
Strong Mustard
Dark Mustard
Night Green
Dark Turquoise
Oxide Azure
Oxide Grey
Oxide Yellow Oxide Green
Silk Mint
Silk Teal
Deep Slate
Deep Azure
Silk Cobalt
Silk Cerulean Oxide Violet
Silk Berry
Silk Lilac
Silk Lavender
Hot Magenta
Silk Magenta
Deep Fuchsia
Warm Fuchsia
Warm Magenta
Warm Cherry
Warm Red
Stale Red
Warm Orange
Stale Sepia
Warm Mustard
Stale Tan
Warm Yellow
Stale Moss
Warm Viridian
Warm Moss
Light Sepia
Light Orange
Pale Sepia
Ashen Taupe
Ashen Yellow
Pale Tan
Light Mustard
Light Tan
Light Yellow
Pale Moss
Ashen Mint
Ashen Turquoise
Ashen Grey
Rust Slate
Stale Turquoise
Rust Lime
Rust Taupe
Rust Fuchsia
Rust Violet
Stale Berry
Warm Violet
Stale Lilac
Warm Blue
Vivid Lilac
Vivid Lavender
Vivid Blue
Light Blue
Pale Lilac
Light Lilac
Pale Berry
Ashen Berry
Ashen Red
Cool Red
Stark Orange
Bright Sepia
Bright Tan
Bright Yellow
Stark Green
Stark Viridian
Cool Mint
Cool Teal
Stark Turquoise
Stark Azure
Bright Blue
Stark Lavender
Cool Blue
Weary Violet
Cool Violet
Bright Lilac
Bright Magenta
Light Berry
Vivid Fuchsia
Light Fuchsia
Light Red
Vivid Cherry
Bright Red
Bright Fuchsia
Luminous Violet
Cold Berry
Luminous Blue
Luminous Azure
Cold Slate
Cool Slate
Weary Teal
Cool Grey
Weary Mustard
Cool Taupe
Stark Mustard
Cool Tan
Weary Yellow
Cool Lime
Stark Lime
Stark Yellow
Crisp Yellow
Crisp Lime
Crisp Green
Cold Lime
Cold Viridian
Cold Teal
Crisp Teal
Light Turquoise
Vivid Slate
Light Azure
Pale Cerulean
Vivid Teal
Light Viridian
Vivid Green
Vivid Moss
Crisp Tan
Cold Tan
Luminous Taupe
Luminous Red
Cool Azure
Ashen Blue
Rust Blue
Stale Cerulean
Strong Azure
Strong Slate
Strong Turquoise
Silk Turquoise
Dark Blue
Night Blue
Strong Lavender
Shadow Violet
Night Lilac
Hot Orange

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Silk yellow :wink:
But not really

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Looool @DKPuncherello

Ooook than it’s magenta the pink one :grin:

Teal Gleam

Stale Moss,


Only 5 days left for voting .

Rust lime please :grin::christmas_tree:

Sternenmama told me ingame she would Like to have

vivid Green

I ll Post for because she is n t at Forum.