Pharao's Kingdom

Does anyone know if there’s a portal to this sov?

On Arie, Pharao’s Treasures - reach through Ultima.


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where’s the ultima hub portal now?

found it thanks

Can find also on Alutech Shop and OĪKOS sovereign world , OĪKOS have some Portals on ps hub low tier like Gellis , Imoco if I remember


Found it via Alutech. Thanks!

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Sry was n t on Forum a few days, i m very busy at the moment ,

Yes Pharao’s Kingdom is renamed before IT was Pharaos Treasues and is reachable via

Finest Rainbow Hub
RTG Main Hub on Arie
Dks Ultima Trees
TNT Mega Hub ( Not renamed yet )

And many more

Will make some Pics in the next days and some information about Pharao’s Kingdom

Greetings Turrican2006

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