Pharaos Treasues Shop Update 27.03.2020

Hi , Like the title says my Shop is Up again selling mostly marble and chests and buying meat, Bones, and blood .
Shop reopened now after been buyed Out in sunday afternoon at once 150k marble !!!

My old marble which was bought from 1 Guy IS now Sold from him for 23c and bought IT for 20c …

But i worked hard to come Back and now with all permanent Meta colours as marble !!!

Over 300k marble available now !!!

Plus 30k EXO marble !!!

Price ist now 22c for normal marble and 35c for Exo marble .

Also possible to Put Orders for a colour and Numbers.

Enjoy Pharaos Treasues also selling your creature stuff

Buying blood for 8c
Buying Bones for 10c
Buying meat for 2c
Buying prime meat for 2,5c

Enjoy Trading with US and have a nice time
Greetings Turrican2006


What was it that upset you?

The fact you sold all your stock
That you made 3m?
Or that “they” DIDNT undercut you?

I mean If buying something cheap and reselling it for more was a bad thing wouldn’t request baskets be a lot more taboo…


I am not against you or your comment. I run the purple serenade shop and I try to keep my stock up most of the time to give the feeling to my customers that they can count on my shop being restocked quickly and to always be well stocked. If someone were to buy all of my best sellers all the time, customers would eventually get in the habit of not visiting my shop. Though this would not make me poorer at all, it would be bad for my little virtual business in the long term. I feel this is a good reason to be displeased but I still agree that this is not all bad either as the shop still makes money and can raise its prices if the owner wants to.

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I understand both sides. Personally I don’t do things like that(even tho I very easily could) because I don’t want to hurt their customer base. But as there’s no wrong way to play the economy game it’s all fair game.

Wall of text warning…

Definitely wasnt an attempt to hurt the customer base, but adjust pricing a little. With the prices of bones at present it wasnt profitable to make marble, so getting the price up was the next option. Someone having a lot of stock (a lot of the colours dont sell tbh) at Lower cost was an obstacle.

Buying all the marble on the planet was the solution lol.
I priced it at a point that I knew when undercut (as that always a thing) I could match to sell what i bought back with literally zero profit…bought at 20, sold at 22. The end goal being a 22c sale price so that it made the same as the Mats sell for

My guess is they will undercut again, just cos that’s the way it’s done. Ultimately it was an experiment to see if people would see a good thing and stick with it (e…g higher profit), or sell a finished product-marble for less than its parts are worth. The latter seems more likely


I wouldn’t be surprised if people did that with my ornate gleam chests I was selling. I wasn’t ever losing money on them tho as I gathered my own mats for them. Tho demand was a pain to keep up with so I stopped for a while. Was supposed start back up but I actually enjoy not crafting :joy: sooo

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I don’t “lose” money on marble either as I gather most of the stuff. But those bits sell well and at the lowest value are worth 22.88c excluding rock, so why so many sell marble for 20c is a bit odd. Especially when essence,sap/glue and bones fly off the shelves

I’m lost were is this

There’s a portal to them in the TNT hub

your now cast away?
should some1 open a new thread called searching for a player named cookie chan?
hope you find it, or your way back home :slight_smile:


RTG Hub too

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I was upset because i would have no customers If everything is Sold at once .

I want that also small Players with a little Money can achieve marble and Don t want a big Profit.

And i thought a Bit about that i ve raised my price too and this is Not that what i want because of the Players with less coins so i decided to sell IT for the old price i Had before.

So i ll sell IT again for 20c

I want that everyone can build with this Material because ITS looking so good .

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I think this about Trickyy’s tech at DK mall… I do stock it :laughing: although it may not look like I do because filigree and circuit boards etc sell almost instantly no matter what quantities I stock!!
I sell cheap though so I don’t mind :slight_smile:
If you don’t wanna sell out immediately up your prices

Another tip, put your shop stands so they’re not on the shop scanner. That way the regular customers will be the ones who see the low prices, not people looking to buy in bulk (guilty of this myself, if I can buy for cheap and sell for a profit why wouldn’t i? Everybody wins)


Out of the cold berry marble always lol

Yes IT IS . Everytime ITS there ITS Instant Sold…
I must say i make only a few k of IT everytime because IT has to BE chiseled.
How many would you need?

It ok I bought all you Shadow Violet Marble (^-^)

Believe it or not the chests that I bought from you I used 100% and then I crafted my own for my shop. I can show you the build where I use the ridiculous amount

Yea it’d be cool to see some time. But I wasn’t referring to that big purchase you made lol. I really had to completely restock on a daily basis when I was selling chests. Only a few of the perm colors wouldn’t sell out right away. Lot of hoarders in this game :sweat_smile:

If need more i refilled IT again :grin::grin::grin:

From today to tuesday will BE no marble production , because of a death in our Family , went 400 km to them and wont come Back before monday.

Requests basket will BE refilled from my Friends and also bei cleared every day.

Greetings Turrican2006

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