Phoenix Christmas Events

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Hello I Would Like to Introduce My Phoenix Christmas Events. This post will be updated with new Information every few days.
Events plans currently Also top of me making various Christmas buildings
hit blocks to lower players to bottom last one on top wins prize for the winner
who can build the most amount of candy canes in 20 minutes with chisels prizes for the top 3 winners
Christmas Maze 3 levels with prizes hidden
Ice Sculptures Contest Using Only ICE Also you can use different colors and decorative ice too
Winners of the top 3 will receive Prizes
Overall everyone that participate Will get A gift On top of everything. Green Stone Loot chisels

I need vary of items for my builds If you would like to donate to the prizes Please contact me Also if you want to be judges for the builds. also Looking for people to help build. Also donation of anything that can help I will be so thankful :smiley:

here is A vary of images of My current progress Also portal on how to get here :smiley:


Update I work for a few hours on this Its a lot of placement and chiseling :smiley: But thank you guys :smiley: For the Support :smiley:


Looking good, coming along nicely. Look forward to seeing when it’s finished

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I am sorry to say But since recent health issues I haven’t been online for so long and looking it will continue for a few months last few days i went from playing 12 plus hours playing in a day for i think 4 months for 7 days a week to only like 3- 4 and even some with 2 hours I am having problems with my lower back and neck So this event is cancel sorry i will keep portals open but no longer refill them. sorry i had so many ideas but I cant do it And it will be really late top of this my real life Christmas spirit is not so high with my problems. Christmas is my most favorite holiday but this year not so much with my major issues. i tried to stay positive but i cant In the mean time i will be working on other project or stuff I currently enjoy doing with the hours i can maybe i will continue it with holiday but the events is not going to happen maybe my builds will happen but not any event sorry well maybe maze might happen ok i finish the first layor but still need to work on the next 2 layers also with the prizes the loot sticks i promise im not sure on those sorry. maybe i can make a few of them. for the maze members if i do them. also if anyone want to help me please send me a message in game or in discord or reply here . also i have request baskets in the hub for donations too. i am so sad and not happy about this. i will keep this open till the end of December if i have any updates ok. sorry about this everyone if you guys was looking forward to this also if you want the portal remove from your hub i understand sorry.


I hope you get well soon, and i wish you a happy Christmas time :smiley:


Get well, there’s always next year! :ok_hand:


I’m sorry your health is getting in the way of what you enjoy :cherry_blossom: just focus on feeling better


Hope you feel better soon Phoenix. Look after yourself.


get well soon :slight_smile:

i wish you happy xmas time with family and friends :smiley:

coming off a big health issue that is still impacting game time as well as real life, I can offer much empathy. You can always keep your ideas for a brighter Phoenix Christmas build next year. hugs