Phoenix Mall

Looking to setup a shop? Looking for a special item to buy? Want to place a portal that has access to everything Boundless offers? Looking to sell your Oort at top dollar? Phoenix Mall is the place for you! Here is a sampling of just some of the portals, hubs, networks, shops and malls that are all within a few feet of each other:

TNT World Hub
Hubbit Network/Hub
Ultima HQ Hub
Legendville Hub
Iconic Hunt Hive Hub
Portal Seekers Gyosha Ophin Hub
Hamburg Hub
TNT Mega Hub
Code Gleam
Gyosha Mall
Naughty Mall
DK’s Legendville Mall
Regen Consortium
Down By The Shore With Pauly
Kindred Bay
and many personal portals

Phoenix Mall typically buys Rough Oort at top dollar prices (currently 215c):

Come see the sites and take a portal to the top of the largest man made moon in Boundless that hovers above Phoenix Mall:

For your own free shop, questions, comments or information, contact General “Sho” Shogun here, private message in-game or via Discord at General Shogun#5478


Very effective setup! My stall here always gets the most traffic across all my stalls/shops!

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So glad to hear that…you’ve hit upon a “hidden gem” of the mall…footfall; it is designed for shop owners to get as much footfall as possible.




Tis a nice place to visit.

Don’t have extra things to sell, so don’t have coin to shop, though.

Probably don’t have coin because I don’t care for fighting so those hunt things people do are out, and limited play time during the week, so I don’t mine for extra things more than what I need to build with on the weekend.

SPECIAL Phoenix Mall is now offering 900 FREE Oort Shards to anyone opening a new portal to Phoenix Mall!!!

Size and placement is fully customizable.

Please see the multiple ways to contact me in the original post.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Rough Oort buy baskets refilled @ 215c with another 2,000,000c - thanks for all the continued traffic and support!


***PRICE INCREASES***Rough Oort buy basket refilled @ 220c with another 2,250,000c & Oort Shard buy basket refilled @ 16c - thanks to the Boundless Community for all the continued traffic and support!



YET ANOTHER PRICE INCREASE Rough Oort buy basket refilled @ 225c & Oort Shard buy basket refilled @ 16c - giving back to the Boundless Community with top dollar buy pricing GET IT WHILE IT LAST- Thank you all!

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