Photography 102 - Worlds, Builds, Before/Afters

Ah I see your have a higher resolution screen than I do.

Copy from my topic about worlds: Lepker before and Lepker after.

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1926x1178 what kind of resolution is that?! :smiley:

It seems that the fish eye lens has been tweaked/removed? :frowning: Everything looks so much closer now.

Also here are the dramatic changes to lighting. It’s good that we don’t have to drown our buildings in light anymore. But now bathing a whole room in light seems to dull everything down.

Before update: (per-pixel lighting OFF)

After update: (pir-pixel lighting ON)

  • Bathed in light:




Thumbnails for color value comparison


Yeah the new updates seems like it made everything look low res which is a damn shame… is it because they incresed how much light is actually shining from each lamp? i absolutely love the city before the change but after it seems kinda ugly…

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I can remove the light blocks from the spire easily. As for the tower… Not really.

(I will always use my old tower as an example for lighting changes ^^)

Removing wont change much there^^

Here is a screen of the wall from Kovah:

Just the 2 lamp blocks with a gap of 3 blocks between them is enough to make the wall glow insanely bright.
I like the idea the devs had to increase the light given by each light source but I think the devs overshoot the target here a little bit.

I also agree with @Zouls . It seems everything renders in low-res until you are right in front of it, regardless of your graphic settings.

I thought it was just the tree foliage. I have to check again later when I get back.

@ben @james this might be a stupid question and maybe harder than i think, but would there be a possiblity for people to change how much light is given by lamps? like you could interact with lamps and you could choose from 1 to 100% i know it would be tedious, but i think that different amounts of light might be needed in different situations, for example it seems that this is waaay too much light, but maybe if you want to make a lighthouse you want a lot of light.

might be too hard though. dunno.

I think this would be a wrong approach to the issue.
First I think the main problem atm is that they have overdone the “light per lightsource” ratio with the new update.

Second, differently glowing light sources might be a better solution than adjustable ones:
The standard ones we have now that glows evenly in every direction:

And “focused” ones for lighthouses for example:

This is something I´ve never seen in a Voxel game before and would be quite unique.
But we are getting off topic.


Dawg, are you plugged into the oort system or something? Your builds are straight stupid :smiley:

Nyuddles is a master :slight_smile:

New lighting definitely needs some adjustment, thanks for thr screens. I’ll try make the change for the next update you can do another comparison.


Also checkout this.

We’re making some tweaks to the lighting falloff to improve it. Here’s a newer view with my local copy of Spire (it does have extra lights and stuff because it’s my test rig, ignore those).

In short, light still look bright and have a nice, big radius, but they now have a non-linear falloff (so they don’t all look like mini-nukes). Should be the best of both worlds. They look really smooth and nice up close now too.


Will there be a mini-update in the near future to bring these new lighting changes (and any other bug fixes that you all have been working on recently) into the game?

That’s the aim.


That looks much better now. Thank you!


Nah nyuudi is alright, i think alot of people would be building like him if they had the time, i know i would if i had the time :cry: