'Photoshopping' And Boundless


So I was talking about this umbris autolooter MrNix forged for me and someone told me I should put this on a gold chain and flash it around like Mr.T

:grimacing: LOL @ no photoshop skills! I was bored and playing around - now I figure I’ll share the laugh.

This is the first time I’ve done this with a boundless pic. Anybody else have some fun stuff to post?

Obviously I’m setting the skill bar pretty low. Show us what you’ve done!


Did a quick upgrade of your autolooter while on break at work :wink:

Done quickly and on my cellphone


That’s GREAT he’s even got his fingers holding it.

My room mate had to come see what I was laughing so hard about.

EDIT: now I’m thinking i need this on zeta.


Eh, why not. Not really good at 'shopping things but here’s something I made for fun with my character’s face. I guess it can be memeficated now. :unamused:



I knew I wasn’t the only one! :grin:


what planet are you on?


The original screenshot there was taken for me by MrNix in the TNT Superstore on Circarpous I.


is this topic a secret way of saying that there is an umbris planet out?


Ohhhh no sorry.

I put this axe together several weeks ago at great expense (for an axe) and I’ve been impatiently waiting for someone to be comfortable promising me a perfect forge.

Negotiations began when Nix posted his perfect grapple, and the axe was delivered to me fully forged as a max light/loot/durability loot stick yesterday so I’m SUPER happy to have it at last.

TBH I was afraid there would be an umbris planet before I got it done.

EDIT: I’m not the only crazy one:

There are probably a few items tucked away, I had to buy 24 rough umbris as I had only looted 6. Someone who spent more time hunting and less time mining may have looted plenty to roll their own.


It was a blast forging again it too. I desperately want to see more of these photoshopped pics. Good lord there funny!


Come on @the-moebius show us what you’ve got! I love your photoshop jobs :smile:


Oops, seems someone fired a hidden Oortian weapon of mass destruction from Xa Frant. :thinking: (Someone else could make the hit/explosion effect better than this :stuck_out_tongue:)

Edit: Thanks @Nightstar, now I keep coming up with 'shopped image ideas. :man_facepalming: :unamused:


That’s no moon!


“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if … several… voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”



spaceman sunglass zalmmur
i wonder if people still remember what the salm one is about lol


try find oorto the the raver :grin:

its about time i make some new stuff :smile:animal1

avatar%20template hoofdozzy laserdude
dont know what photoshop is i just use basic paint
for those that prefer paint above paint3D ya can still find original paint in windows 10 somewhere


OMG I woke up to this and i’m laughing so hard.


Sometimes the subtle ones come back for your attention. I’d like some rocket boots though ^^


Oh noes! Now all that metal from Ghandy’s tower will melt!!! :joy:


Liquid wealth. :money_mouth_face:


This has got to be my favourite from your lot! :laughing: