'Photoshopping' And Boundless


would be cool to have weathered metal our bricks
now i see that metal plate with no rust :smile:


This thread has turned into a gold mine. Daily laughs, and some of these are great ideas too!


New wearable items coming after farming, in a large Fashion Update.
I hacked @jesshyland files to give you a sneak peek of this Oortster set:


Hey, can we maybe try to get a little fashion here too? :stuck_out_tongue: Me, I like a good dress. Take this one. Classic and simple, good for a hot night in Ultima but versatile enough that you can look smashing on a hunt too… the neck and collar detail lends it a bit of a space/futuristic vibe-




love this vid boundmore nice work


Ahh yes, I hired that dude to promote my Noms 'n More store but he keeps putting on the wrong suit!


He has a name “default boundless man”
15K for the person who can find the original picture i stole in this forum :joy:



Is it this one?


no lol i think i remember getting it from another player screenshot


New exoplanet…


Just hacked the Boundless servers and grabbed clothes and a mount that will be eventually coming out.


I think I accidentally stepped into the wrong portal at @ThavenMooncrow 's place.

Took care of business though I’m outta here.


:joy::rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That’s awesome!



You didn’t dig deep enough. That is only a model for the Cowboy Outfit Set, and the horse is just a placeholder for the planned mounts.

Here’s newer file gotten from @james collection called Coortvarly Concepts:


That’s my shop heh :wink:


Well I have to say it was a smash and grab run to the server…so thanks for finding the updated version. Can’t wait to get my new outfit and mount. Looking forward to it @james!


Well it was touched up and fixed by @Vurtadelic.

Teamwork makes the dream work.


… I’m imagining “Precious” here as a Spitter. :rofl: (My husband constantly quotes this movie scene, actually does a pretty good voice impersonation but still a little embarrassing when done out in public… :stuck_out_tongue: )