Physics and dynamics in full

Most voxel games often skip physics all together in some futile effort to half effort the world’s intricacy, then they fail completely and become a half done game that sits in the wastelands of the internet. [They exist, trust me. I visit the internet wastelands on occasion]. I’m hoping Oort devs are being careful to include all possibilities rather than get too limited. Take a game like space engineers as an example, though the actual world is typically smaller, even that game handles physical objects brilliantly, and heck! The ships themselves are individual platforms of voxel data, it’s incredible!

Now, I’m not asking for each and every block that falls to have some form of physics, but if it were possible to intentionally create certain objects to have world physics, such as those chunks of blocks the Titans will be throwing at us [which though they will roll about, could still be mined/taken apart after the fact], or maybe in a localized simulation area. Let’s say someone’s castle comes under siege. Perhaps when a few walls fall, some chunks stay all clumped together and fall as a whole piece with slightly more real physics. Take for example, DMM [Digital Molecular Matter]. These amazing systems are a great example where however in a voxel game such as Oort, each block acts as the particle rather than the breaking splintering wood style in other games. Here’s a video example that kind of uses an extreme to demonstrate my point.

World interaction is a crucial part of any game and due to the rising interest a lot of players have in these mechanics, I think it’s a must as far as looking into it goes. Assassin’s creed is one example, but again, is far more sophisticated. Here’s a better example of what I mean HERE.

Chain, cloth, and clothing. I mean come on, who DOESN’T Want an epic scarf/cape flowing behind them in the wind?! If you played THIS GAME, then just Try to tell me you didn’t think the scarf was epic. I want scarfs and capes! Full customization! Length! Color! Design! Tatteredness! …[Takes meds]… imeanwot…?

Also, this would also be a great thing in later things such as Titans and how they physically interact with the world, or how weapons and magic interact with the world, etc, etc.

Bottom line is, there is a GREAT Deal of possibility in a voxel game such as this, and I don’t want it to be squandered by overlooking the elements of games that take them that extra mile, you know? Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with Minecraft physics in Oort and let’s face it… Minecraft physics are yuck. [No bias intended, I freaking love Minecraft #PleaseDon’tCallMeATraitor.]


Well, I don’t think that to realistic physics are fitting into Oort. At least not for blocks falling on structures. Don’t understand me wrong: I love such effects and possibilities, but in games like besiege or other crafting games with a medivel background. For cloth or hair some physics would not be wrong for sure, but it don’t have to be 100% realistic if it is on cost of performance :wink:



We really want the Oort Online universe to be much more physical. Obviously it also needs to be scalable and ultimately add to the gameplay.

For example, all blocks have bounce, elasticity, friction, and softness. This means that you can create slides that allow the player to slip, slide and bounce all around the world. We want the world to have a much more physical effect on the player.

Likewise, the player can swing around via the grappling hook. We want to player to have a physical experience with the world.

We have quite a few things on the todo list that will enhance the player / world interactions. It’ll not go as far as you’re suggesting (because I don’t think it’s scalable to an MMO) but it will hopefully go way beyond other voxel games.


Epic levels just graduated from This… To THIS!

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if you did this, it would only be a small step until you could make moving ships out of blocks! and I, personally, would love to make a real moving ship.

I think the potential there would be a headache to program. Not saying it’s not possible, but sounds like the interaction of blocks together that differ in either category would create some SERIOUS issues.
Example: while altering the mechanics of each block during a patch, you get one zero wrong on one component of a block’s “bounce-ability” and all creation runs amok, bypassing beacons, slinging players to and fro, water propagation goes nuts and all maps are flooded. Chaos until the hotfix comes out- which takes time to figure out- and you have to return the values to their previous states. BUT. All creations are lost from the intervening time and your player base is now angry. Furiously angry that you did this and blood cells pop in the brain and the world at large is consumed by the sudden Zombie Apocalypse! Untold death and destruction! Happy? You just created the Zombie Apocalypse from one zero.
Seriously, though. I’m not saying it’s impossible and I don’t want to limit anyone’s ingenuity and creativity, but contain it within certain parameters.
Would be fun as H3LL to see, though.:wink:

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And you for your part just reanimated a topic that lied burried under solid layers of other topics, so are you feeling fine as an evil undeath spreading necromancer overlord?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But by the way: yes, of cause all big features need good testing, and that’s our job as playtesters, so let’s go on and check all features which rhe devs give to us, even if they break some servers on their progress to perfection … Cuz that is what early access was made for :wink:

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Not to mention, I am sure such edits would be tested on closed servers beforehand anyhow, not merely released all willy-nilly like.


So you are worrying that the devs making a mistak by writting stuff wrong would mess up the game? Wouldn’t this be a problem for anything? Fall damage is somehting that can get tweaked if the devs mess up the players die a lot.
Monster damage can get tweaked if the devs mess up they are goign to kill us big time
resource output could destroy the economy if tweaked wrongly.

And the list goes on, anything in the game and not just this feature could mess up if the devs made a mistake while tweaking it.

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