Physics for clothes and hair?

If any of the devs check this out can you talk a bit about how effective you can make physics for the characters? like hair, cloths, scarfs.

i must admit i have 0 experience with game design. so im not really sure how it works, if anybody can enlighten me, please do :smile:


don’t take me wrong on posting the link, but that’s to give you a clue on how Physics work on games in general, since like you said, you got 0 experience with game design.

its possible, but the question is, should be something they should care “now”? I mean pre-implementing what the Engine needs for the Physics to work later on? sure!
Make it something important right on early access/Alpha? nope.
heck I’m yet to see how the Races/what races we will get still.

Are you talking just animations or actual reaction to the world around the character?

much appreciated.

not for now. just a general quesion, i just think it would be cool for armor, clothes, fur and stuff.

Animation generally. so you can see the armor sway slightly and stuff. i think reaction with things like wind and the likes are kinda overkill for such as small team sadly

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its possible, and “not hard” not implement, tho I don’t think its “THAT” important.

fact is, once we got the races implemented, the first tiers/sets of armor/weapons, wouldn’t mind to see it on the game.

It should probably be a post 1.0 thing.

I mean as a character design kinda thing having a little bit of motion in the characters is nice. A totally static MC style avatar wouldn’t look very good in the organic looking world of Oort.

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ya wouldn’t want my character standing perfectly still, he’s gotta pick his nose eventually.

thats character animations, not physics.

true, but do bare in mind that Physics may be attached to character animations you know, the fact that your character moves is head to look around, if he got long hair + wind, the hair would flow to the direction of the wind, and so on.

Yeah that is the difference, the fact that your charace moves is animations, the fact that his hair/clothes follows dynamically rather than statically is physics effects on the items.

I still find this something that the dev’s shouldn’t be worried about just yet, I mean, yea it could be implemented right early in the game, but do we really need it?

I would be more pressed to speed on the races/inv system/combat and whatnot.

you were the one talking about the animation for sheating weapons although we dont have any.

but we need armor and races before this becomes a problem, which is why its a questions rather than a suggestion.

hoa there, calm your titties.

I was giving a reference to basic stuff that should be implemented as soon as they can to pull more eyes into this game project, implementing the Races/Gender system + Crafting system with a semi decent combat mechanic/sheating system would benefit the game, isn’t about “animations”(I’m a 3d designer my self, I know fairly well how much work goes into modeling/texturing/animating a model) its about visuals, something to show that will, regardless of what people might say around here, pull more attention to the game, making more people buy it and thus speeding the Dev process.

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Apologies. wasnt meant to be rude, but i see it came of that way :smile:

can you do 3d animations? like for example the sheathing weapon, i would really like to see how you imagine it would work .

would need info in how the Devs invision the combat mechanics and the, if there is any, sheating mechanics on the game.

animations wise, well ideas are massive in my head.

well give it a go :smile:

even if the devs havent imagined it, you might be able to inspire them in some way, they are rather open for ideas.

fair enough.

do we need physics as opposed to character animation? The stuff you posted is character animations that just make the illusion of physics. Sneaky tricks help the devs you know.