Pickup Sound (audiovisual confirmation)

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Hi everyone!

I’m quite new to the game and having a great time so far!

But there is one thing I really miss and that is a pickup sound for blocks and items like ores, etc.
Since it takes some time before blocks are picked up and they are mostly around my feet,
I’m never sure if i really picked up that block or ore that I just mined or if it fell down into the abyss.
My sight constantly moves to the upper right of the screen to check.

With an acoustic feedback i could do my thing and don’t have to be anxious that I’m constantly loosing stuff. ^^

Best wishes,

Edit: Now that I think about it, an animation that moves the blocks slightly towards your character before they disapper into your inventory would also help a lot, i think :thinking:


There is a slight swish sound which has been implemented on the test version for this very thing!


It sounds a little like a mob snorting…
Was looking around before i understand it was from pickup.


As it happens this is something being worked on at the moment, as well as the sounds in the gui…