Pigment or Spray

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Would you rather buy pigment, or spray cans?

I have an opinion on this, but I’m curious about what everyone else thinks!

  • Pigment
  • Spray Cans

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pigments so i can mix em up. I KNOW YOU JUST WANNA MAKE A COLOR SHOP!!! :oort_l::oort_o::oort_l:
I’d be glad to be a customer :rofl:

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If i’m looking to color something, i’d prefer cans so that i don’t have to mix them myself :slight_smile:

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I’d prefer shops selling both, but I’m voting for pigment as it gives me more options. the crafting times are not too high.
color that is inaccessible today might pop on an exo tomorrow, making the whole batch of sprays useless, while you can use the ‘useless’ pigments for mixing or as filler to make more of the color you want


Having both is an interesting option. I definitely feel like selling pigment is the way to go, because it gives the customer the most options. But I also get wanting to just be able to get the spray and immediately use it.

I might need to provide a small selection of sprays, and a wider selection of pigments…

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That’s my approach with my shop “Colors” at Fireborn shopping plaza. #shamelessplug

But in all realness, pigments are great for people to mix their own colors. For some of the harder to mix sprays though it does take a lot of effort to find the right combination of pigments. Shadow Cerulean for example is hard to get if you’re mixing your own and don’t have th pure pigment to work with.

So I opted to sell pigments in bulk and try to specialize in a few different colors of sprays for those who just want a quick spray-can rather than doing the research on mixing.

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