Pigment Shop/Commission - Gloom Goo Corp

Gloom Conglomerated is pleased to announce the opening of a retail space for our Gloom Goo division!

Conveniently located in the Aquatopia Embassy on Beckon, our surplus pigments are now available! As we get more and more surplus, we expect to see the retail supply grow, in the mean-time, if you need anything specific, we are still operating our commission service, and now at a reduced price!

We also BUY Goo Kernels, currently at 45c each, any and all colors welcome!

Commission Services

If you are an aspiring collector of colors, or you’re trying to redecorate your build, or maybe you just need the right pop of color in your shop to draw in customers, then Gloom Goo Corp has got you covered!

We are a commission based spray can and pigment generation service. No color is beyond our reach!

Our base price is 70c for each spray can of our final product! Orders must be made in quantities at or above 300 units to get that pricing.

This is definitely a demanding price for a boutique item, but we are also able to offer discounts to customers who provide us with high amounts of kernels (of any color), smaller amounts of kernels that are specifically helpful to your order, gleam colors that are specifically helpful to your order, and gleam colors that we are in short supply of. Those gleam colors that we need most, are Red, Vivid Violet, Deep Blue and Bright Green. We are also looking for gleam colors in all the greys.

If you’re interested in placing an order, reach out to request a consultation and our Gloom Goo Corp customer service department will help you with your needs!

Goo Everything!

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Hello there,

Is Gloom Goo Corp still in operation?

I’m interested in goo farming and pigment collection. I"m an aspiring hobbyist looking to set up shop. I currently own and operate Ki’Rin Co. which has a small fronds and food shop. Looking to branch out to goo and pigments before the end of Q4.

Let me know if there’s a way we might be able to partner on this and we can set up a time to discuss an agreement.



We aren’t currently working on any commissions, but are always open to new business!

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Great! I’m not looking to commission any colors, but perhaps to work for/with you on creating a supply of pigments? or possibly partnering on stocking a shop?

I’m still refining some goo for certain colors and maybe we can partner together?

I’d be happy to provide a wholesale discount, if you think you’d be able to make a profit on resale, assuming you know how many of each, and which pigments you’d want stocked. Making any specific color of goo is very time and effort consuming though, so making like 100 of every color or something would be a significant undertaking, which is why I set this up as a commission based business.

Knowing more about what exactly you had in mind would really help me figure out what the best option would be!

Sorry I was at work earlier so couldn’t respond fully.

I’m thinking we can form a type of partnership. I’m not currently looking for any specific pigment colors. But I have been working on a goo farm of my own and have isolated a few pigments like white and silk cobalt that i can generate pretty reliably. I’ve been thinking of opening a pigment store but it looks like you have a pretty solid operation.

So I was thinking there might be an opportunity for us to work together. For example:

I could be a grower - Growing certain colors of pigments for you to mix or stock your shelves.

I could just be a supplier - Just sell you a portion of my pigments at a decent rate for you to mix and sell.

I could be a partner - If I have a color you don’t, maybe i can set up one stand in your shop where you sell my proprietary goods. (Essentially buyer/seller type relationship) but maybe you help out by having a sign/portal to my own shop. And the same in return. (I don’t have a goo/pigment shop setup yet, but am working on that - have a plot at FireBorn shopping center i’m gathering materials for).

Or idk. If you have a guild, i could join and offer my labor services for a portion of profits.

I just really enjoy goo farming, mutations, and the ideas of pigments. So would love to be a part of what you have going on some level.

Does any of this strike your interest?

I see! In that case, I’d be happy to reach out to you if I got a commission to set up a deal based on what you were able to contribute to the order. I might get around to setting up a proper shop, at which point we could probably do something more consistently, but right now I’m really only taking one order at a time kind of thing, versus building a large inventory that I need help with.

At least not for the colors you mention.

IF, however, you’ve got a good angle on any of the colors I talk about in the OP, Red, Vivid Violet, Deep Blue and/or Bright Green, then we can probably talk more about long term partnerships.

Sure thing! I just got a lot of that vivid violet gleam so I’ll see what i can do with it.

Are you interested primarily in the pigments or the sprays?
Once I get my pigment processor set up with coils i’ll start experimenting with mixing and see what kind of trouble i can get into.

Primarily the gleam, honestly. But I always amass pigment and then make spray, because you can combo in some similar pigments to maximize the amount of spray you get.

We have now opened a retail location! Check the OP for details!

Nice work on actually making a logo for your service, really brings the thing together!

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Added that we are currently buying Goo Kernels at 45c a pop! Request basket should be fully funded right now!