Pinnable Recipies

Something I would absolutely LOVE to see in this game is the ability to pin recipes. It’s something I’ve seen in another game in the past and it would be sooooo incredibly useful.

Let’s say I want to do a Mass craft of Super-Enriched Bonding Agent, I want to be able to pin the recipe and, just like the other pins, it should tell me my progress. So if I pick up 288 Glue, it should get crossed off.

This would make things so much more convenient!

It might be asking too much but being able to specify the number of crafts would be even more fantasticer! So like, I would like five Mass crafts so it pins five times the numbers of a single Mass craft.


That’s a really great idea.

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Love the idea but rather see a counter. I need x amount of beans for example s i pin that item and the current amount i have in my inventory of that item will show top left.

Still this would be a nice idea if you could pin multiple as a to do list and an added counter for how many batches you want to make. (Want 5 mass crafts and just select + for every batch i want to make as it adds the needed ingredients together)

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I think that this is a really good idea

Was browsing some recipes, trying to remember everything I may need to craft a few different things, and now I am here.