Pioneer backer adding digital deluxe

if i get a digital deluxe upgrade that 10procent plot bonus
does it make my 50procent plot bonus like 60procent
anyone knows what it will do to a pioneer account?
was checking out gleamclub was wondering do i trow digital deluxe in the mix while at it ?
i assume the 30 days gc for digital deluxe just get added to other gc days i buy
anybody got some intel on this?

ow and @monty1 should i wait for a monumental deluxe upgrade :sweat_smile: ow and are you allready working on dev world i have early backer visiting rights i havent forgotten yet :grin:

They stack additively I think. So yes, you should get a 60% total bonus, up from your 50%.

Edit: Also, in this window, you can see some information about this sort of thing:


The perk bonus shown below in this window, accounts for all sources of plot bonuses.


Yes they stack. I did the same thing.