PKN Guild ( Pharao's Kingdom Network ) & Hub get a Planet Portal or Personal one

Hi everyone,

Some News today please watch the vid where i explain what i mean with this Post .

Please listen carefully Specially the First Part .

Greetings Turrican2006

So If you want to have a Portal Just leave me a Message here or in Game . After i ve done the vid o put some Letterboxes too .

The First Portals Like Arie , Ersheo and sorissi are given.

All Portal sizes possible.

Its Not the cheapest Planet for us planets but its a permanent Planet and i Always keep Up everything so nothing to worry about , you all know me playing since Release and 2,5 years know with my Network.

Ty to those WHO donats from time to time :+1::+1::+1:.
AS information i ll keep this donated Oort Always seperaten AS a Backup next to my Personal Back Up .

Nobody knows what health or rl has planned for us ,so its save even i can t hunt .


Sorry to hear. I super enjoyed the lava buff (I die in lava alot lol) but I understand life comes first.

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Thank you Turri for letting us know. I wish those being effect with Real Life issues the best! Hope things get easier. Much Love!!


I love your network and this is a great addition!
Life happens and all the best to everyone affected.
I will definitely donate again to support you :slight_smile:


Ty @Lorgar thats very Kind :grinning::grinning:

You are a brother and friend Turri


Ty @LaQuest006

OK First Portals are Open now

First to T5&T6 Network

Some Like the Future, TNT, Dragons world hub

Arie and Eresho or ceph world portals

If you want a Planet Portal for a permanent or your sov or Player or Shop Portal Just let me know and will arange IT for you.

For permanent planets i place Shop Stands now with Tokens.

I Don t have done specific Player or Shop Portals and do them individual.

Greetings Turrican2006

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good job bro, thanks for everything you do for the community, i also watched the video ladt night and your outro scared the @#$% out of me LOL!


Nicely done Turri.

Real life happens and it’s understandable, it should always be a priority. Can’t blame anyone for prioritising that.

Hopefully catch a hunt soon :blush:

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Sure think saturday and sunday i ll be able, perhaps friday too but Not Sure .

@HOST thx man :+1::+1::+1:

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Placed Portal Tokens for the permanent Planet Portals now , so get one If you like.

For a Shop Portal or sov or Player Portal Message here or ingame or in discord Turrican2006#9854 and i ll arrange IT individual for you. All sizes possible.

Buffs will start friday to saturday night at mid night cause best time Spot to renew because of my shifts.

Greetings Turrican2006

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@BabyCookie can you Change the Portal from Ultima hub to Pharao’s Network to the size 3 high 2 wide and let me know.
Place a Shop stand so i can Take the token please .

Thx in advance

Now with a Discord Channel for the guild.

Greetings Turrican2006

Link should be permanent now


If you edit the invite link you can set it so it never expires. The one currently shared expires in 2 days.

Just joined Discord and I’ll sort a character to bring over to the guild in a few days when I can get on properly :blush:

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Did IT from my Phone not from PC , will Take a Look into IT perhaps i get the right Link

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You can do it from your phone as well
When you’re on your channel select invite and click this

Hope it helps.

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Ty for Help , Link should be permanent now

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