Placable lava and sponge testing

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Just a curiosity with placable lava, not sure if a bug or not. On normal worlds sponge will sit next to lava with nothing happening but on testing placable lava destroys sponge. Wondering if a dev could confirm if this should happen or if it’s something that needs to be looked into.

From the Patch notes.


just strange in a way that sponge in perma worlds doesnt get burnt. To grow goo it likes to be near lava but to have the sponge next to lava it gets burnt and even with cascading lava it doesn’t seem to give any or any noticable boost to yield %

Both Sponge and Growth will get destroyed by lava now.

The requirement to be near lava is for when the Goo is planted in rock - which allows the atmosphere to change the good tint. Planting in rock also gives a much higher chance of getting the tinted goo seed back (so you can continue tinting further), as opposed to sponge which has a higher chance to drop pigment instead of the seed.

cool, thanks for the clarity on this :slight_smile:

You need lava near goo on Sponge to max out pigment yield.

You need growth near Goo on Rocks to max out seed yield.

I thought goo grows upside down? Havent seen myself so cant rly confirm this.

It does.
Looks like hanging snot.

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Hence the name I suppose

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I have a base made out of wood submerged in lava. I hope future updated doesn’t burn it down.


What kind of crazy foolhardy alt makes a base of wood over lava :scream:

Edit: would be interested to know how the update affects builds like that…

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Actually the base is under a layer of lava. I was saving the source lava blocks for future projects. if lava destroys wood and wood stuff, then the walls and floors and ceiling is gonna be gone and I’ll be swimming in lava when I log in

here’s a screenshot of what I’m sitting under…


Yea you may want to change the spots directly touching the lava to something else. Lava does damage coils iirc(think it’ll also completely destroy them. @Jiivita did a video of rock farming with them) dunno what else it may damage like that. Would hate to see you lose anything

The lava does not damage the coil, but if the coil breaks a block created by the lava, it will take damage. Also, if water/lava flow create stone in the place occupied by the coil, the coil is lost.

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Thanks for that clarification. Still would be best not to take any chances of the lava tho. Be easier to replace the blocks now instead of digging out the lava after the update hits live

What’s stopping the lava from flowing down? It looks like a layer of lava with nothing supporting it.

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because in live, the liquid simulations are not ticked when regeneration occurs, and no persistence of in-progress fluid flow across restarts/crashes etc, so in this case I imagine that the lava there is not beaconed, and thus regenerated back, but because of above, and because hes not “touched” blocks next to the lava, it just remains in an unsimulated state.

in this “particular” case, nothing will happen with lava burning wood, as lava wont burn wood across beacon borders, or flow into the beacon etc, but if he has any lava “inside” the beacon as well somewhere, then he may hit problems!

I want to try and adjust the migration before this hits live so that anyone with lava “inside” their beacons which would cause damage to the beacon (wood blocks etc), will have the lava either removed, or partially replaced with water creating a buffer preventing damage to contents of the beacon…


Ah I see, I hadn’t thought about it being outside the beaconed area and I was curious what would happen with the new fluid dynamics, I had visions of the whole ceiling just pouring down over everything when the update went live :scream:, thanks for the explanation :slightly_smiling_face:

That is basically death waiting at your doorstep. :sweat_smile:

This build is on C. Merika, right below a layer of surface lava. There’s a layer of wooden trapdoors, immediately under the lava layer. Since the lava filled in the trapdoor block, you don’t see it visually. I have the trapdoors locked in-case someone else tries to open them.

As long as the space where the coil discharge onto the machine is empty, no damage is done too coil. At one point, I opened the trapdoors to allow lava to flow onto a workbench and some coils. No damage was done. Currently lava or water flow, both not both at once, is harmless.

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