Placements limits


Well it’s clearly not enough… need to be improved.


@james what about mentioning it during the early journal process? The one relating to building your first base.


As players we have day to day interaction with plots.
we can easily visualise these using the beacon plotter or just pressing b (ps4… :man_shrugging:)
Chunks (2x2 plots) are vital for developers but far less so for players. Also no way to tell which chunk you are in, without debug menu.
Settlement bridging problems sometimes used to arise because connections via chunks were required (please correct me if I’m wrong) while now connection is via 2 touching plots, and so a lot easier to visualise, from a players stand point.
would it be possible to make mesh limits on a plot by plot basis?
I speak from a laymens point of view so be gentle when correcting me :wink: )


Up on dpad (or b on keyboard)…

That would be nice, yes, or, or, well perhaps an and is in order, show the mesh limit somewhere, maybe in the same way as when you are plotting plots, counter on the right side of the screen and then per 10 (otherwise it might get a little busy with messages after every storage block placed)…


You could divide coordinates by 16 to solve where chunks go, player who can do js could do webpage to show current chunk fast when you enter coordinates… But I think chunk borders should be shown without need of external services and available for all. Maybe also mesh count should be available for all, now PC players have advantage to run with debug menu on and hunt with underground objects using debug menu.

For example chunk s could be marked by bolder vertical lines or different color lines on plot view.


From my understanding shop stands are a mesh, and count towards the limit?
I thought the reason they are suggested as a potential workaround is due to the massive increase of storage per block.
AFAIK anything that can be chiselled doesn’t count.

Also I just lost for the first time in a long time :frowning:


I may be wrong. But i didn’t think it was part of the mesh. That’s why I thought people used loads of both. I don’t hoard so I’ll never hit the mesh limit so I have no worries. Also you’re the first person to have notice my profile picture since I’ve changed it lol


I thought so too actually since interactive elements are counted as well, like machines and crafting tables…



now i can not add my signs … and i will probably have other problems like this



Just one man’s opinion… The way I’d deal with it would be to eliminate the top row of storage on each floor and replace that with a gleamed moulding or awning above each storage aisle. This should bring the chunks below their mesh limit.


Yup, storage with multiple floors is not handy due to this, sadly :frowning:


my compartment are not all placed in the same way but it is certain that I can still find a solution even if I’m not a fan of gleam … I often have trouble inserting it into my buildings

still a pity to be braked like that (note that I’m not complaining)



@james does the placement limit fall under farming as well when it releases?



Oooh hands almund a :cookie: TY


I’ve been told the existing placeable plants and boulders do affect the mesh limit, is this correct?


I know the ones that are just flowers do but I’m not sure about the resource plants and boulders.