Placements limits


Hello, I have a problem when I try to add a block in this plots. In fact I can add a wood timber if I want but I can not add a storage block

Note that I have 6 floors in this place but they mainly contain storage blocks and timber wood similar to what you see in the pictures (some glass too)

Thank you


There is prop/mesh limit within a chunk for 1 beacon. Cannot remember was it 500 or so
So basically what you can do is to use separate beacons


512 I think

Annoyingly not something you’ll encounter until you’ve actually built your storage/workshop and it’s too late.
If you are on pc you can see the mesh count on the debug menu.


Yeah … it’s a shame to be stopped by this. In fact I can not add another beacon to finish what I wanted to do because it will give me the same result since it is calculated with the plots that are located at the bottom and top of it. I did not know they had this constraint…I’m on ps4

Thank you


Hopefully that is just your storage cause machines and some other things effects to mesh limit.
Might wanna try remove something you dont need like torches etc and replace those with storage blocks


There is a mesh limit per 16m x 16m region (often called a chunk) of 512. Adding Beacons will not help.

One tip is that the limit is on Meshes and not blocks, so swapping Torches (which are meshes) to Gleam block (which are not) can save you some meshes.


Trying to think of a good way to communicate that to players in the early game, so it’s not so much of a surprise, but coming up empty… Anyone else have any good ideas?


I will check, I will try to find a solution. I have only a few storage blocks to add in this area … hoping it will not affect my garden that is on the roof when we get the update lol … the soil is already added


I think the farming crops are handled as grass, so they don’t count as a mesh.


I ran into that problem too but I just built 3 other towers one 4 storage, workshop, store, portals lol


I think the game does warn you at 400 or something, but it should probably warn you for every mesh placed > 400. (Or something.)



Just to add - almost all crops use the “grass rendering” and do not contribute to the mesh limits, however some are meshes and would contribute: the combustion fraction and the decorative prestige crops.


If you cut out the bottom 2 rows of storage blocks, you could put shop stands as one of the rows and line your gray timber as the other row. It would reduce your mesh count and increase your storage cap.

Aesthetically it would be up to you though :sweat_smile:


I don’t think it warns you before you hit the limit, ran into 400+ on a few chunks in my build just yesterday and didn’t see a warning.
It would be very helpful to have something in-game! Currently it’s only possible to know via console and that’s also not very intuitive.


yes, in fact I just added a separation and this solved my problem. I already use shops stands for various things but here I wanted to have storage blocks

Thank you

same thing for me I did not see this message on the screen … but I may have missed it


What about lanterns is that a mesh


If it can be chiselled, it’s a block.


I mean shop stands can’t be chiseled but it’s a block.

Machines, shelves, signs, torches, flowers, coils(?) could be completely wrong with coils. And I don’t remember if doors do or not


Torches also count towards the mesh limit, perhaps using another light source can help a bit?

But yes, i can be annoying, when I was building my new workshop and massive storage underneath I also ran into this problem, since my bottom floor containing the massive storage was the biggest floor anyway I moved all storage and anything counting towards the mesh limit to the ‘side’ of where my machines were on the top floor.

Sad part is upping the limit will mean a slowdown in rendering I’ve been told so I can imagine they aren’t too eager to do that.

And BTW, the mesh limit is per chunk, a chunk is 2x2 plots and from the mantle to the upper limit, so it’s 16x16x256 blocks…


I’ve never seen a warning tho, only when I couldn’t place it anymore due to reaching the limit already…