Placing differnt wall or slabs inside the same block

So in Minecraft (Yes we all hate that sentence I know) you could place slabs on top of each other like this:

Stone slab:


Cobblestone slab:


But what you could not do was to place different blocks in the same manner creating something like this:

(This you could do though but only because they where not in the samw block)

I think it wold be cool if we could do this with walls as it was very restricting not being able to do it with slabs.

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Well im sorry, but i dont really see what your point is? that you want to be able to make 2 slabs on top of eachother into a block? they already do, i dunno about wallblocks, but slabs do.

Oh sorry i forgot to mention it was about wall where i could not get it to work? Or is that just me?

No. if you try to break a wallblock then you can clearly see that the block covers an entire block area. so in that case you are correct, also hope they add it, i know other people have been asking for it.

Those blocks does no look like different materials to me though.

they arent. they are the same material, the blocks literally transforms into the block they are placed about… i am completely serious. something is clearly wrong there XD

Look at this,

Placing ancient timber slab

Placing a granite slab on top of that one. BAM, full granite block

Placing a granite slab

Placing a timber slab on top of the granite slab, BAM timber block

@ben @james something is not right here… they even give me the respective material (granite being turned into timber drops a timber slab when destroyed)


Well that is indeed interesting :smiley:

Probably a bug. Either way the walls and slaps should be consistent.

Thoughts @dave?


I was told it isn’t a bug… but it still seems weird. If wood + stone slabs can’t be combined visually maybe just not allow placement.

Just a reminder that this bug is still around :wink:


Thanks for the reminder.


Who needs issue tracking when you have this forum? :stuck_out_tongue:


HA! Actually joking aside - this forum is like a genetic algorithm for prioritising issues. It’s the classic if people keep reporting it - it must be worth fixing!


Does said algorithm give a negative bias toward @Zouls’ reports?

I dont do bug reports. so that is kinda fair xD