Placing Water and Lava


Continuing the discussion from Water, lava, and griefing:

So I really like what @Jeffrotheswell suggested here about the water witching stick, and wanted to bring it back into the discussion because the forge could work well with this. A boon could be added that turns water placement on and off on blocks, similar to how LED blocks work with transformation chisels.


I thought that was a cool and uniq idea to. hope we get water soon. I’m sure the devs already have a plan by now. they just need to fit it in on there ever growing to do list.
:crossed_fingers: I have my fingers crossed for water coming in on the farming update :crossed_fingers:


I would support this!


if the biggest concern is griefing, preventing fluids on a block that doesn’t allow them is the solution. really hoping for it in farming or soon in anything.