Plain and circular wicker!

We used to have only one type of mossaic and one type of marvel, now we have 3 types for each, can we get the same for wicker?

I propose that plain is crafted with bonding agent and may look like this:

And circular should be crafted with enriched bonding agent and may like this one:

That way we can keep the other recipe as it is and avoid another problem like with marble.


I mean I’d rather get smooth metal and brushed metal. But sure

The more blocks the better!
But metals also got 2 new variations last update so I feel like wicker needs some love too. There is not much use for wood besides the current wicker and that is expensive to make lol

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I’d rather see wood inlay first but I’m down for both
image image


Those look amazing!

Imagine lucent + wood :crazy_face:

I built this as a test light fixture for my room years ago

Can’t find a pic of it finished