Plain Glass Block vs. Plain Glass Pane

I’m curious if there is any real difference between the two of these blocks.

I have maybe two smart stacks of Shadow Yellow Gleam that I’m wanting to turn into Plain Glass, but I’m curious which I should choose: panes or blocks.

I know panes can be used as a very thin wall/floor, but can it /actually/ do anything different that the blocks can’t do? Is there a real reason I’d choose one over the other, or are panes purely an aesthetic choice?

Edit: Like, I hear people say that they use the panes for floors and walls, but… why? Like, is there an advantage? Or just because it looks nicer?

From my experience, glass panes take a bit more time to place. They also they more hits to break if you made a mistake.
Also, glass panes let the rain and snow go through them

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I heard about chiselable glass. I assume you can chisel the glass block, but not the pane?

Overall, sounds to me like blocks are the better way to go. :open_mouth:

Can’t chisel panes. But remember if you chisel glass blocks it will then let rain and snow through

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Depends on what you’re using it for. They are both good. But if you want them on an angle or making a dome. Blocks are the way to go.

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But they’re both good because the panes /look/ better in certain circumstances, correct? It’s just an aesthetic choice?

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You can put liquid on panes and stop the rain and snow from passing, i put a liquid on them and it rained and it looked like no rain passed. More testing is needed.


Oh, cool.

I appreciate everyone’s insights. I’ll probably make some panes, but mostly blocks for what I need.

Thanks everyone!

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If they do let the weather through is this a bug? I mean what’s the point of a window that lets weather through?
So… consensus is?

I chose blocks mostly when I want to chisel. Like diagonal wall etc.

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I have this same question right now as I have quite a bit of shadow yellow gleam.

I put full shop stands of panes and blocks at the mall last night, to see which if any sells. But I’m left with questions about pricing and type because the prices I can find for glass are in a wide range and pretty expensive. Also I don’t want to make a giant amount of one type and then find that a large buyer would have preferred the other type, etc…

Everything is a gamble :rofl:

For my personal building I have preferred the blocks but also see the case for windows with window sills, etc… regarding panes, and also in floors or ceilings they allow more open space in your plotted areas.

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I ended up making half a smart stack of panes, and turning the rest into blocks. I’m not selling, so it’s all for my personal building, and I don’t see myself needing more panes than that. :slight_smile: