Planet disconnect bug

Hey, seems I maybe found a way to disconnect either the planet or everyone from the planet… sorry Tricky! so if a Dev wants to pm me. Already threw a message on discord to james, but no idea when he wakes or the pile of stuff waiting after the coffee. Might already be known, no idea… but 3 times threw everyone off arie it seems…

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@lucadeltodecso has been around in the forums, so maybe he will see this.

My sanctum portal said something about a websocket? iirc. If I was in world it kicked me out to the character disconnect screen. While stood in the sanctum the portal to Arie just kept opening and closing every few mins.
Didn’t last long though.

Thanks for coming to find me @Huntsman :smiley: I wondered what was going on. Now I know it was your fault :wink:

Edit: I noticed another thing, not a bug just something that’s changed. when you load an atlas with a resource it now shows a little Orange circle with a 0 in it… pretty sure it didn’t do that before