Planet Scans 03-23-22

I am doing a monthly scan of planets to update colors etc. If you have a planet or know of a planet that could use a scan please let me know and I’ll scan it.

I have scanned the following:

All planets in TNT (includes all portals in Megahub and T5-T6 network)
All Paka’s Place
All GTG Hub and Hunt planets
The Future
Dubbel Friss


Planet 4395 plz.

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If you are still doing scans, can you scan a world control on one of your own planets ( not sure if you have an active sov or not ) to refresh the available color listing? I have not been able to get a world control scan to work properly in many months.


I got a forbidden response when I attempted just now.

I couldn’t even get it to save the world control json to my PC.

@Soju-VB I have gotten the scanner to work on all planets so far. Every once in awhile I get the portal wont load issue and I have to logout and back in.

The normal planet scans are not the issue it’s the world control scan that updates the all available colors listing

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Ah the one that shows new colors the usually just shows the infinity symbol now and not the new colors?

It also updates the boundlexx api endpoint that shows sov selectable colors.

@Angellus I’ve seen you on here recently so I’ll ping - is this something you have time to look into? It looks like nobody can get a scan of world control for some reason.

I limited the players that were allowed to upload the World Control JSON on top of the API key because of the random color issues we had (this was like ~1 year ago). I did not have the reporting to track down the issue so I could not confirm if it was a player crafting bad JSON or if it was a bug in the code.

Previously like only myself, Soju, Gorilla and Kas could upload the World Control JSON. I just added @Rydralain and @Redlotus to the list.

(also it seems like I do not always get email notifications, so if I do not respond to a tag, you can always find me on Discord)


Appreciate you @Angellus

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Thanks for popping in and helping out!

For stuff like this, do you prefer a Discord PM or just drop a message in the Boundless Modding Discord?

Edit: And it looks like someone did a scan, I’m guessing Redlotus based on timing

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I scanned the new Exo today