Planet SMACK!

a rare event once a year. two perm planets smack together. in the days before the meteor showers across the known worlds there will be a news event that says (planet name) and (planet name) are SMACKING together. it’ll take roughly a month to form a complete new world. if you’re on the planet while it’s SMACKING with the other, there will be a large ball closing in on that planet in the sky, getting closer and closer until it eventually fuses with it. like a meteor closing in in slow mo. the area where its SMACKING will get larger and larger until it finally fuses. the requirements for it being able to are…
less than 40 mil prestige
above tier 2
and less than 50 portals on the entire planet.
It could smack with an exo too. two exos can smack together on rare occasions making a perma planet. it’ll be filled with lava and black igneous rocks for the days after. aaaand thats all folks!

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Okay. It’s official. I’m going to start sharing my ideas… Soon™

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And what would happen to the builds?
Will you get 1 planet that is now twice as large somehow?
What will happen to portals TO those 2 planets? What will be the name? What color-scheme will be used?

I’m not sure i understand this idea at all, but it just seems completely un-doable…

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names will be randomly generated, color scheme will be black for igneous rock and a mix between the two planet’s tints, the portals to the planets will close and all oort in the smart stack would be refunded. keep in mind its only low population planets or possibly exos. hardly recognized, and a week in advance ppl can deconstruct their builds and flee

I remember people wanting the devs to add things so settling on higher level planets would be more desirable, but if this can happen to it even less people will want to!!

And also, we do need more perm planets, not less! Gimme the perm planets!

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Destroying people’s builds, no matter how much warning is given, is a VERY hard NOPE. I can’t think of a single argument for this.


Righto …drugs anyone🤣