Plans on keeping the structure of server locations?

I just thought a bit on the pros and cons of having a joint oortiverse of worlds servers which are located on different continents. I would like to have it handled like now, because it would be allowing international guilds to be built and also will give a feeling of being one big community, but I also see some stuff to be thought about like fair share of all resources (in all colors :wink: ) on the servers of each region so that players don’t feel forced to access far away servers to get the stuff they want to have.

So, as a question to you devs, are there any final thoughts on the topic or are you still thinking about other concepts (like having each world available as a copy in each region)?


We want to have a single unified open world. We definitely want to avoid world duplication (or sharding).

We need to find a balance between having sufficient resources local to all players, and having interesting resources remotely. This encourages exploration and / or resource trading. I think this will be an interesting part of the ecosystem especially when we disable the teleport worlds screen. (Eak! Yes it’s coming at some point.)


Thx for the answer. Good to hear that you keep the structure :slight_smile: … On the point of the teleport screen: when it is gone and we have the “go to random higher world” option when killing a titan, will we go to “near” worlds, to any world regardless of location or will we be able to switch between different options?

The teleport screen will not go until players can build + place portals, etc. Even then it may stay around for a bit as the game is still in development.

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I did a ton of building on an EU server from the U.S… There was lag, but it was still very playable for building things.

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Yeah, to keep it for a while longer would be nice, especially at least until we have ways to teleport to people with ingame items.

may be that lag will get smaller (a bit at least) when the netcode got better and other optimisations happend. I played Guildwars 1 on US servers from germany and it workt well (And GW had a high demand on a quick connection (For example you had skills to interrupt (and players only skilled for this job) and had only half a second to react to use them efficient in PvP). … I would not mind to play Oort on US servers as well, even as a fighting built, when the netcode does it’s job well :wink:

As discussed in previous threads we’ve put quite a bit of energy into making sure the client / server prediction allows players to migrate between all the game’s geolocated servers. The coming update includes another raft of prediction improvements for ranged weapons + projectiles. And there is still quite a bit of optimisation opportunity in the networking and client / server code. So hopefully we can make some decent improvements before we start hitting real hard limits.

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