Planting Grass seed


Umm. Noticed the other day that planting grass seed changed. Use to be able to change the grass colour and type. Now you have to remove all the grass before planting. It’s a real pain in the you what now to convert large areas of grass. Especially when mixing different shades of grass. Please revert back to the old way.


Have you tried pouring lava over the area tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Takes extreme amouts of time. I kind of wished I would have finished my terraforming before this change.


I have not. It would burn my trees down as well. Lol


They did…ewww. not had to plant any for a while, but know i will be doing soon(or not now!)


Yeah it’s not as fun now. Lol. I used to change it all to a base colour to one colour. Then add other similar tones throughout. Now I have to remove the grass of what I did and change it. Just way slower.


It was mentioned in the initial farming release patch notes; and to be honest, paired with the pretty horrendous planting speed, yeah, it just makes anything involving planting grass a bit of a pain to do. :confused:


I agree that this change is really annoying.

I’d be fine with loosing the ability to plant crops in grass if we could change grass color & type like we used to.


Totally missed this. Or I would have been shaking my fist at the Oortian gods that be along time ago.