Plants becoming 'unfertilised' is a sucky mechanic


The amount of time/mats put into making fertiliser plus the time taken to actually spray the crops should surely justify the crops staying fertilised until maturity.

Having it potentially disappear just feels unnecessary, and makes the process almost redundant.

I made a bunch of the 2 fertilisers to try out and sell, I highly doubt I’ll bother with them again unless this is changed.

Please consider removing the possibility of the plants becoming unfertilised during their growth cycle.

Not everything needs to include RNG!


Dont know if you saw this in the testing notes

Should definitely be more useful once the patch releases


But it still can disappear after one growth stage.

It should stay until all the growth is completed and the plant is ready for harvest.


We better roll a die to decide if that’s true or not! :smiley:

But in fairness, I haven’t used fertiliser a single time, only used it on testing really; though my reason is mostly that I don’t harvest my crops daily anyway – which is in part because of the time it takes to replant :confused: – so for me fertiliser would be kind of wasted anyway.

Sorry for this being outside the scope of your topic slightly, but in a way, I almost feel that I would prefer it if crops like wheat took twice as long but simply gave twice as much produce – effectively the same return, just need to harvest less often.

And at least then if fertiliser persisted, I might actually be interested in using it a bit, though I’m probably just too stingy anyway. :thinking:


I’ve only been using it on kranuts and fuel crops (the ones that take the longest!).

I agree, but then I think everything takes too long in this game!

And not just crafting/growth times.


I think they chose this way because it makes farming more engaging. Currently it leans more towards players who check their farm more than once a day, giving people who solely want to farm something to keep them busy. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to another kind of fertilizer that could do exactly what you’re asking for people who have less playtime than others.


Fertilizer should get used up, but only as it’s used by the plant, right? So maybe it could start at 100% chance of staying and slice off a percentage for every growth cycle.