Playing on a non-english client and settlement name colors

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Playing on a non-english client breaks the color code in settlements. The German client doesn’t understand :#red:, only :#rot:.

@AeneaGames You might want to change :#red: to :#ffffff:


Thanks for pointing that out!

Also, never knew until yesterday that this was posssible :slight_smile:


We have a few by 1 person in Legendville thats Pink lol


This is working as intended. Although if you were playing the game in English and entered :#red: before switching to German, :#red: would be translated to :#rot: this way.


But if I am playing in English, use :#red: in a settlement name and someone playing in German enters the settlement it doesn’t work since red is not being recognised…


I don’t think it is in the case of settlement names because it looks like they are handled differently then signs. With signs, the game uses the game client language of the “sign writer” to color the font. But with settlement or beacon names, the game uses the game client language of whoever visits the settlement to color the settlement name.

Player A, using an English client, writes a sign with “:#red:hello
Player B, using a German client, will now see the red word “hello”.

And if player B writes the sign, he would have to write “:#rot:hello” for player A to see the read word “hello”.

The problem here is that Player A names the settlement “:#red:My Settlement” and player B sees the settlement as “:#red:My Settlement”, not as “My Settlement” in red.


Ah, okay, that’s explains it in more detail. Thanks for the responses, I’ll add this to the bug database.