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There’s a lot of things to update on release days… this being one of them!


Perfect… this is getting Tweeted!! :smiley:

Folks - seriously, if you are on social media, start sharing this stuff. Get this under the noses of your friends. :sunglasses: You never know who might show interest! Boundless deserves a lot more love and attention!


I just realised that first picture is my farm on testing lol


Haha, nice! :smiley:

Also, @SamF - Really nicely written blog entry there, great job! :slight_smile:


Thanks @bucfanpaka, I enjoyed writing that. Yep, since we were neighbours on testing for a brief while @Stretchious, I figured I’d pop over to take a selfie with your farm…


You made me cry!! I was thinking about upgrade to deluxe edition for ps4… Would be too much things for a single day! :grin:


dunno why but the comment from the first dude makes me think hes one off these people :joy:


One in every crowd, isn’t there? :unamused:

C’mon folks, help me drown him out there… :wink: A lot of the PS crowd, it might not even be on their radar, may know nothing. Share your love for it!

Edit: To follow up, I’m definitely seeing interest generated due to this on Twitter - one confirmed purchase already that I’ve seen. :slight_smile: May be having some new folks show up soon! The official Playstation Tweet with the blog post has got a ton of likes and retweets.

Edit again: For those that don’t do Twitter… check it out!-


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